Netflix To Release Special On Late K-Pop Star's Short Film 'Persona 2' As A Tribute



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Netflix To Release Special On Late K-Pop Star's Short Film 'Persona 2' As A Tribute

1 Week ago
By ellephant

Based on reports, Netflix has briefly talked about the release of Sulli's short film called "Persona 2".

In 2019, Netflix released "Persona", a four-part omniverse film series, starring IU. "Persona 2" which was supposed to star Sulli, and be similar to the first series, was scheduled, but halted following the star's passing.  

Recently, a post circulated on social media that Persona: Sulli (Persona 2) was added to Netflix Brazil's catalogue and was scheduled to be released June 16.

In response, a source from Netflix stated that a general discussion is underway including on whether to stream the film on Netflix along with its final release date.

Sulli debuted as a child actress in 2005 through SBSs Ballad of Seodong, and after debuting as a member of f(x) in 2009, also starred in hit projects including To the Beautiful You, Fashion King, and more.

In October 2019, she was found dead in her apartment.  

Prior to her death, she had opened up about her struggles with mental illness and exhaustion, as well as shed light on important topics like cyberbullying.

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