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Chia seeds VS Basil seeds: Which one is better? Are they any good for weight loss?

Chia seeds and basil seeds have both been in the spotlight since few years ago. Mostly due to the claim that they can aid for effective weight-loss, when consumed as part of a balanced diet.  Some people might be confused between the two, and some people even thinking they are the same and replaceable between each other. However, they are different actually. There is a lot of key differences between chia seeds and basil seeds, and here I list down 5 differences.APPEARANCE: From the picture above, the left side is BASIL SEEDS. They are uniformly jet black in colour, tiny and round.  On the right side is CHIA SEEDS. Chia seeds are a little bit larger, more oval in shape. They are usually a mixture of grey, black, white and sometimes even brown seeds. ON SOAKING IN WATER: Chia seeds take time to absorb water. It has the unique ability to gel by absorbing over 10 times their weight. Basil seeds swell up within seconds of being mixed with water. A translucent coat forms around the seed and it appears much larger in size when compared to a soaked chia seed. USAGE: Chia seeds can be consumed raw or soaked. Basil seeds can be consumed only after soaking.NUTRITION CONTENT:  They have been known to aid in weight loss due to their ability to make you feel fuller faster. Chia seeds is good source of proteins and Omega 3s while basil seeds is good source of vitamins and Iron. Chia seeds is a naturally low-carb and high-fibre food helps in digestion while basil seeds has a soothing effect on the stomach and hence useful to combat acidity. Hence, chia seeds is highly recommended for weight-loss.BENEFITS TO THE BODY: Chia seeds help to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body. Basil seeds, on the other hand, function well as a diuretic and aid digestion. The richness of the iron in basil seeds also helps to improve quality of the blood.Neither of these seeds will produce sudden, effortless weight-loss, both can certainly be used as an effective aid to support your efforts to lose the excess pounds. The main dieting benefit of the seeds are their ability to help you feel more easily sated after eating. In simple terms, they help to fill you up, thus helping you to avoid snacking throughout the day!However, it’s important to note that they are not a substitute for healthy eating. To get the most from your basil seeds or chia seeds, you’ll need also to ensure that you’re enjoying a balanced diet.
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Stop Dieting Blindly! 7 Correct Weight Loss Concepts That You Need To Know

Weight loss seems to have become one of the popular among the girls, and many of them often fall into the dilemma of losing weight after trying various extreme methods!Unfortunately, there are too few people who can succeed. Not only is perseverance, but also the correct concept of weight loss.1. Aware Of The Seemingly Healthy Food Some seemingly healthy foods are quite high in calories and fat, such as black chocolate, avocados, and others. Although these types of foods are good for health, you should eat in moderation, so that it will not affect your weight loss effect.    Photo Source: Pinterest2. Avoid Consuming Sugary Drinks And SauceIn fact, the calories of sugary drinks and sauce have no nutritional value but are high in calories.When you eat a nutritious and low-calorie meal (with sauce) and drink a cup of sugary milk tea or cola, then the previous efforts will fall short.   Photo Source: Pinterest3. No DietWeight loss is not about diet, but diet control. A sudden reduction in food intake will make your weight drop drastically in a short period of time. However, it will have a counterproductive effect.    Photo Source: Pinterest4. Regular And Adequate SleepA Japanese survey found that good sleep could help you lose 300 calories a night. Lack of adequate sleep will greatly affect the body's metabolism, skin condition, and mood.   Photo Source: Pinterest5. Eat SlowlyEating slowly can reduce food intake and prevent intestinal diseases. In addition, chewing slowly can increase the glucose content in the blood, so that you will feel full in advance.Jun Ji-Hyun also uses this method to control her weight, Click here to read more. 6. Eat BreakfastA study in the United States found that those who value breakfast have a healthier BMI index than those who do not eat breakfast. That is because breakfast helps increase satiety and reduce daily calorie intake.   Photo Source: Pinterest7. Don’t Rely On A Single ExerciseThe most common aerobic exercise is running. However, the stimulation of a single exercise cannot keep the muscles growing but leaving the body in a state of fatigue. Therefore,  you can change different training modes regularly to give different stimulation to the body.For example, if you choose to run today, you can try swimming tomorrow.Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest
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Losing Weight Without Effort | Must-Read "Green Tea And Coffee Weight Loss Method"

Weight loss is a lifelong project of many women and almost each of them hopes to lose weight easily without any effort. If you are thinking the same, why not you try the "Green Tea Coffee Weight Loss Method" that was created by Japanese doctor Takafumi Kudo?The reason why Dr. Takafumi Kudo proposed the "green tea coffee weight loss method" is that coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid is the same as the catechin contained in green tea and they can promote fat burning. The theanine tea elements can complement with the caffeine in coffee to control blood sugar after meals, thereby promoting weight loss.In order to encourage patients to lose weight, he tried it for a year and he managed to lose 25kg or 55 pounds! The effect was remarkable, and all you need to do is to abide by the following 3 rules.3 Rules To Follow1. Drink 3 cups of 250-300ml green tea coffee before meals every day; 2. Measure your weight every time you get up to remind yourself; 3. The ratio of coffee to coffee is 1:1. No sugar to be added. If the taste is too strong, you can dilute it with water.Although "green tea coffee weight loss" method can reduce weight, it does not mean that it is suitable for everyone. There are three types of people who should not adopt this method. The first category is people with a weak digestive system, because excessive drinking may increase the chance of stomach pain. The second category is people with osteoporosis. A large amount of caffeine will affect calcium absorption. The last category is people with anxiety disorders because excessive caffeine can aggravate anxiety. Before trying, you should still ask your doctor or nutritionist for professional advice, so as to avoid damaging your body in the end.Cover Photo: IG Of Japanese Green Tea Co. | IG Of Kelly Cheung
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"Turtle Neck" Destroys Everything! 2 Minutes Of Simple Exercises To Improve The Neck Tilt Problem

If you often lower your head to play with your mobile phone and look at the computer screen in an incorrect posture, your cervical spine will tilt forward, causing low back pain and affecting your appearance!If you want to detect whether you have a neck tilt problem, you can find a wall and put your back against the wall (use your usual standing posture, don’t deliberately adjust). If your head does not touch the wall, or you need to use force If you can touch it, then you may have a problem with your neck leaning forward!  Photo Source: Menlo Pilates And YogaWant to improve the neck tilt problem? Exercise 1: SCM1. Use your hand to press your chest to create some traction.2. Rotate your head to the opposite side.3. Bring your head all the way back until you feel a stretch you should feel a nice pull in the front of the neck.4. Hold this for 30 to 60 seconds or 10 deep breaths and then switch to the other side. Exercise 2: Ant. Scarlene1. Use your left hand to depress your chest. 2. Bring your right ear to the right shoulder then rotate your head to the left.3. Point your chin up towards the ceiling again you should feel a nice stretch in the front of your neck. 3. Hold this for 30 to 60 seconds or 10 deep breaths and then switch to the other side.  Exercise 3: Suboccipitals1. Use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball and place the ball on one side of the back of the neck while lying on the ground 2. Tucking the chin up and down you can hold the ball with your other hand to prevent it from slipping 3. do this for about 10 deep breaths on each side. Exercise 4: Chin Tucks 1. Lying on your back. Tuck your chin and hold this for a second or two. You can also use two fingers to guide and cue your chin through the movement to perform about 15 reps of these. 2. Once these get easy for you, you can progress it by just very slightly lifting your head off the floor by a centimeter and then performing the chin tucks with your head elevated again.PS. These can also be done sitting (even when you're driving) or standing with your back straight against a wall. The full action video can be viewed here:Correct the posture and be a beautiful lady or charming man.Cover Photo: Kpopmap | Daily Mail
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3 Recommended Yoga Wear Brands | Tips To Choose Yoga Clothes

Many girls choose to do yoga to reduce fat accumulation and maintain a perfect body. This time I would like to share 3 brands of yoga clothes and guide you on how to choose suitable yoga clothes!1. Breathable elasticityIf the clothes are too tight, it will cause general discomfort because you are sweating profusely when doing yoga. Hence, so it is important to choose highly breathable and elastic materials. Generally, yoga clothes are made of polyester fiber and elastic fiber. In addition to comfort and sweat absorption, it is recommended to choose a yoga suit, which will not affect movements!2. Low Light TransmittanceMany girls are afraid of heat and choose thinner yoga clothes. However, if the material of the yoga clothes is too thin, you may face the embarrassment when light transmission appears. Therefore, it is recommended to test the light penetration of the fabric. If you see a clear skin tone, it means it's inappropriate.3. Check That There Is Small Triangle Cloth At The Pants Many girls wear shorts outside the yoga pants, but shorts often affect the stretching of the lower body. It is not recommended to add a pair of shorts unless the shorts are very elastic or loose. When buying yoga pants, check whether there is an extra small triangle cloth in the pants because the small triangle cloth can help you to avoid the embarrassment of exposures.#LululemonLululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1988. It produces yoga pants with strong covering, durability and high air permeability. Even the supermodel Kendal Jenner loved wearing them when going out. It was comfortable and fashionable! Its Asia Fit series is very suitable for girls with thin skeletons. #NikeThe new Nike Yoga series uses Nike’s innovative surface fabric: Nike Infineon, which features high elasticity, lightness, breathability, and softness. Its design allows girls to stretch freely and comfortably. Besides, there is no need to worry about heat dissipation during exercise. It also has the function of self-cultivation and shaping without losing comfort. The series currently includes tops, leggings, and shorts for your choice.#Lorna JaneLorna Jane is an Australian brand. The founder of the brand, Lorna Jane Clarkson has always loved fitness, yoga and health preservation. The yoga wears under this brand are very supportive fabric, and the special tailoring can set off a beautiful breast shape and prevent chest compression problems. The brand's flagship product is the yoga pants, that are designed with a high elastic fabric which can tighten the belly fat and make the lower abdomen flat.Cover Photo: IG Of Yoga | IG Of Yoga
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Louis Vuitton Monogram Yoga Mat | Make your workout LUXURIOUS

Fitness and home workouts has been one of the trendiest event ever since the pandemic happened. Many brands has launched out many different sporting goods and merchandise to keep up with the trend.    Including the forever lit brand, Louis Vuitton, whom has launched out a series of sporting goods like Dumbbells, Ping Pong Set James, Jump Rope Christopher, Andrews Golf Kit, etc. And now, LV is going to launch out a luxurious Yoga Mat with their famous Monogram print on it.    The LV Monogram Yoga Mat looks absolutely stunning and elegant. And it comes with a leather carrier straps, gold buckles and a long detachable handle. Also, as a bonus, it comes with an LV Monogram luggage tag attached that has 2 compartments, which you can fit in your cash and credit cards.     As many people are not as wealthy and they look for yoga mat that is priced reasonably and if possible, to compare to see if which has a better deal. But for LV, they are definitely aiming for the high end consumers for this yoga mat, which is luxuriously priced at USD $2400 (Approx. RM9900). Although LV have not officially announced it yet, but the main question that everyone have in mind is : "Worth meh?" 
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Losing Weight Is Easy | Tricks From Jun Ji-Hyun To Maintain Slim Figure

In 2001, Jun Ji-Hyun became a top actress in South Korea after performing in the "My Savage Girlfriend" drama. Although she is a mother of two children now, she is still in very good shape and is completely the same as when she debuted. Netizens repeatedly praised her when they still see her in major advertisements. When she was asked about the secret to maintain her figure, she laughed and said: "Be cruel to yourself!" Below are some of the steps of the goddess in the journey of losing weight. 1. Eat With The Left HandJun Ji-Hyun, who is right-handed, will deliberately use her left hand in order to reduce the speed of eating. If it doesn't go well, she can eat slowly and eat less. This is because the human stomach needs time to inform the brain that it is full. Chewing slowly can also ensure that the food is fully broken down and digested by the gastric juice, then it can also greatly reduce the calorie intake.2. Apply Lipstick Before MealsJun Ji-Hyun will put on makeup and lipstick before eating in order to remind himself to take care of the makeup and lip color.Subconsciously, she will chew slowly. Naturally, you will eat less with longer chewing time because your body will soon feel full.3. Secret "Chicken Milkshake"Jun Ji-Hyun is very particular about the selection of ingredients and the intake of calories, whereby she has her own set of unique recipes, such as the secret "chicken milkshake"First, blanch the chicken breasts. Add and mix it with milk, almonds, walnuts, fruits, and vegetables in a blender. Then, a cup of nutritious drink is complete!4. Get Up At 6 am To ExerciseJun Ji-Hyun starts the morning exercise between 6-7 am, at least 3 days a week, and continue for 1 hour at a time. Usually, she would do aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, etc., coupled with occasional pilates sessions.As long as you follow these steps, losing weight is no longer difficult! Isn't it as easy as ABC?Cover Photo: We Love It | DeviantArt
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Top 5 Unfattening Midnight Snacks | Healthy and Tasty

Although there are times we feel hungry or just feels like eating something even during 12am midnight, we know that this is not good for health and it is most probably fattening! But we just couldn't stop ourselves from reaching out the pantry and grab a bite. Food just tastes so much better during midnight!!Worry away peeps! There are healthier options and it still tastes as good!Here are Top 5 Healthy and Tasty Midnight Snacks that you can binge on without worrying of getting fat. #1  |  SeaweedSeaweed is high in iodine, iron, Vitamin C, K, B-12, antioxidants, both soluble and insoluble fibre and other nutrients that are good for human health. And it tastes exceptionally good! Plus, the crunchiness is definitely the best enjoyment in midnight.  #2 |  Dark ChocolateWho doesn't like some chocolate to binge on at midnight? You might not know that, dark chocolate has tons of health benefits. It is rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium and zinc. And the cocoa in chocolate is an excellent antioxidants which aids in lowering cardiovascular risks, blood pressure, cholesterol etc etc.    #3 |  Steamed Sweet PotatoAvoid sweet potato chips, cause the calories contains is way higher. A steamed sweet potato is the best. Just pop it in a pot and steam for around 10 minutes (depending on size) and voila! A super healthy, rich in fibre, Vitamins B and C, minerals such as iron, calcium, selenium and antioxidants.   #4 |  EdamameNow, you might see this only at a sushi place, but it's time to make it your favourite midnight snack if you are on diet and still want to snack at midnight. Edamame is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Study also shows that eating Edamame does not raises blood sugar, and it may even lower cholesterol. For all the women out there, this thing is said to be able to lower breast cancer risk and reduces menopausal symptoms.    #5 |  CucumberExceptionally low in calories and 0% fat! This crunchy and juicy veg also contains a good amount of Vitamin C, K, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese. It also contains antioxidants and it promotes hydration. To make it better, it may aid WEIGHT LOSS and lower blood sugar! How good is that?   
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FOUR ways to improve Sleep Quality | Scientific Proven

Do you feel sleepy in the morning but energetic at night? Do you face difficulty to fall asleep? It's time to improve your sleep quality! Sleep quality is especially important for a healthy life. Good sleep can make people feel energetic after getting up, but bad sleep will reduce immunity and concentration. Let's try the following 4 methods to improve your sleep quality!1) Stay Away From Electronic Products 1 Hour Before Bedtime   Photo Source: HealthistaUnder normal circumstances, melatonin (sleep hormone) helps the body adjust the circadian rhythm by inhibiting the secretion of melatonin during the day and producing melatonin at night. Blue light from various electronic devices will inhibit the secretion of melatonin in the body. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from mobile phones, computers, and televisions one hour before going to bed. It is better to apply a mask or pick up a book to read during that time!2) Drink A Cup Of Warm Milk 2 Hours Before Bedtime     Photo Source: Wallpaper FlareStudies have shown that tryptophan (amino acid) in the milk can calm your mood and help you to fall asleep because it can be converted into serotonin and melatonin in the human body after absorption. Besides, it also promotes calcium absorption. However, it is not recommended to go to bed immediately after drinking milk because it will increase the burden of digestion and hurt the stomach.3) Use Lavender Essential Oil   Photo Source: PiqselsLavender could help in sleeping, relieve stress, and eliminate anxiety, so it is often made into essential oils. Essential oils can be used in many ways, such as humidifiers, aromatherapy machines, essential oil candles, and others. You should be noted that if you use these methods to sleep, make sure that you will not cause fire or electric shock. You could drop lavender essential oil on the pillow so that you can sleep with a light lavender fragrance. If you drip too much, you will be choked and you can’t sleep.4) 4-7-8 breathing methodThis 4-7-8 breathing method comes from a doctor at Harvard University in the United States, which helps to relax and sleep faster! YouTube Source: YouTube Channel of Abi CarverIt should be noted that it is not necessary to focus too much on the seconds; otherwise, the consciousness will be more spiritual. You should slowly relax your mind while breathing. If can't hold it for so long, you just need to do your best and adjust the seconds yourself.After understanding these methods, remember to try these methods before going to bed tonight!Source: Healthline | Healthline | Healthline | SleepFoundation.orgCover Photo: Pxfuel | Healthista
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Has A Slow Metabolism? | 7 Simple Tips To Boost Metabolism Effortlessly In Your Lifestyle

Metabolism or metabolic rate is defined as the rate in which our body burns calories for energy to sustain our body in daily lives. To put it in simple terms, the higher your metabolism is, the easier for you to maintain your weight as your body burns more calories and vice versa.While we can control our metabolism directly, there are ways for us to improve them. Check out the tips below.1. Consume More ProteinEating a meal will increase our metabolism temporarily because calories are required to digest the meal. So how does protein helps in our metabolism? Surprisingly our body needs more calories to digest protein compared to carbohydrates and fats. Cut down your carbs and fatty food today and incorporate more protein-rich foods to your meals. For example, beef, fish, chicken breast, tofu, eggs, and beans. 2. Drink More WaterBelieve it or not, most people do not drink enough water. Drinking water is important because our body could not perform at its best state when it is dehydrated. To speed up metabolism, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Studies have shown that drinking 500ml of water can temporarily boost metabolism by 10-30% for an hour. Besides, water can help to control our desire to snack and achieve satiety for a longer period of time.    Photo Source:Guillaume Bolduc3. Perform a HIIT WorkoutAlthough we could not control our metabolic rate, we can increase the calories that we burn via exercising. Undeniably, HIIT is popular for its “afterburn” effect that helps to increase our metabolism even after the workout. Generally, the recommended frequency for a HIIT workout should be at least 20 minutes per day for at least 3 days per week or 75 minutes per week. Of course, another form of exercise is equally great in helping us to stay in shape and burn some extra calories. So, get started today and make exercising as your lifestyle. 4. Build MusclesEvery pound of muscles needs 6 calories to sustain itself while fats need only 2 calories. If we have higher muscle mass, we can burn more calories even when we are at rest. Thus, by increasing muscle mass, we can increase metabolism as our body needs more calories to supply to our body.5. Drink Tea and CoffeeTea and Coffee contain caffeine which helps in boosting metabolic rate. Tea has catechins that increase the speed of fat break down while coffee helps to control your hunger. Both of them are low in calories and a perfect drink for a healthy lifestyle (provided that you do not add sugar to them). 6. Eat Spicy FoodsRest assured, you can enjoy your curry noodles and Tomyam hot pot without feeling too guilty. Chilies and peppers contain capsaicin that helps in metabolism. Spice up your dishes today with chili and red pepper flakes.7. Getting Enough SleepA good night’s sleep is as important as drinking water. Without having proper rest, you will increase the stress of your body to keep its balance and ready for the rest of the day. Besides, studies have shown that it will increase your hunger hormone and decrease the hormone level that makes you feel full. Thus, you tend to eat more which brings unwanted extra calories to your body.Do some people have a better metabolic rate? Yes, various factors such as age, gender, genes, and body size play a key factor. Studies have shown that men tend to burn more calories than women because they have higher muscle mass. In addition, our metabolism will begin to slow down as we approach age 40. Let us improve our metabolism today by making some changes to our diet and lifestyle.Cover Photo: Yannic Läderach || Brooke Lark
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