WATCH: M'sian Rainbow Kuih Lapis Was Featured In The Great Australian Bake Off And We Couldn't Be More Proud!



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WATCH: M'sian Rainbow Kuih Lapis Was Featured In The Great Australian Bake Off And We Couldn't Be More Proud!

By Ayunie

The Great Australian Bake-Off has never failed to delight viewers with its mouthwatering array of delectable desserts, and this season is no exception. In a recent promotional video for the show, the talented chef and television presenter, Rachel Khoo, was seen introducing a Southeast Asian dessert to her fellow judge, Darren Purchese. This delightful treat, known as Rainbow Lapis, is a vibrant variation of the traditional Kuih Lapis, and it left both judges and viewers alike in awe.

In the video, Rachel Khoo, whose father hails from the enchanting city of Georgetown, Penang, proudly presented the Rainbow Lapis to Darren Purchese. The dessert immediately caught Darren's eye, as it featured an alluring spectrum of colors beautifully layered to create a mesmerizing effect.

Rachel Khoo shared a heartwarming personal connection to the Rainbow Lapis, reminiscing about her childhood when she savored this delightful sweet treat. It's no wonder this colorful dessert holds a special place in her heart, as Kuih Lapis is deeply embedded in the culinary heritage of Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei.

As Rachel Khoo continued to introduce Darren to this Southeast Asian gem, she emphasized the proper way to enjoy Rainbow Lapis. According to her, the best way to relish the flavors and textures of this no-bake dessert is to savor it layer by layer. With each delicate peel, the dessert unfolds like a sweet, edible rainbow, revealing a burst of flavors that celebrate the richness of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Watch the video below or click here to watch it on TikTok:

@binge Introducing this week's technical bake: a rainbow lapis cake! #greataustralianbakeoff #gabo #thegreataustralianbakeoff #bakeoffaustralia #bakeoffau #darrenpurchese #rachelkhoo #rainbowlapis #rainbowlapiscake original sound - BINGE

The video's comment section was soon flooded with enthusiastic responses from people hailing from Southeast Asia, who joyfully resonated with the mention of Kuih Lapis. Many shared nostalgic stories of enjoying this beloved dessert during their own childhoods. 

Kuih Lapis, also known as Kek Lapis, is a much-loved dessert in the region. Its name "lapis" translates to "layers" in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia, aptly describing the dessert's iconic layered appearance. The recipe for Kuih Lapis varies across Southeast Asia, resulting in different versions and flavors. Some variations include coconut milk, pandan, and other regional ingredients that contribute to the unique taste and texture of each version.

What sets Kuih Lapis apart is the intricate layering process involved in its creation. Each layer is carefully steamed before the next layer is added, resulting in a visually stunning and delightfully chewy dessert. In the case of the Rainbow Lapis, vibrant natural colors are used, adding a playful touch to an already enticing treat.

The appearance of Rainbow Lapis on The Great Australian Bake-Off not only celebrates the diverse culinary heritage of Southeast Asia but also provides a delightful opportunity for viewers to savor a taste of this treasured dessert. 

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