Gen Z Fashion Trends In 2k21 That Just Makes Sense



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Gen Z Fashion Trends In 2k21 That Just Makes Sense


It seems like Gen Z is dominating the fashion world at the moment and we have to admit, we‘re not mad about it.

source: Peaceful Dumpling

These fashion trends that are now very much in, thanks to Gen Z, might just influence you to revamp your closet:

1. Tie Dye Anything 

If you belong in an older generation than Gen Z then you'll remember that time when tie-dye outfit was all over the fashion scene, and looks like Gen Z is bringing the trend back better than ever.

source: Charlie D'Amelio | Addison Rae

2. Sustainable Fashion Drip

Gen Z fashion is heavy on DIYs and sustainable clothing. Frequent trips to the thrift store and a handy sewing machine could go a long way.

source: bestdressed on YT

They practically invented "Thrift Flip", which means turning any thrifted items into a more fashionable piece. 

(Check out these local sustainable fashion designers who make amazing handmade thrifted designs!)

source: douxfairy on YT

3. Thin Sunglasses 

Step aside big, bulky eyewear... thin sunglasses are very much a spotlight stealer right now.

source: Pinterest | Pinterest

4. Any Jeans That Are Not Skinny Jeans

Yes, skinny jeans are dying, apparently. (Here's why, in case you're wondering.)
source: Pinterest | Pinterest 

5. Baguette Bags

A cultural nod to Prada Iconic hobo bags, the baguette bag trend is very much blooming in 2021, with Gen Z smeared all over it. Good thing about it, your mom probably already has one! So, go vintage.

(Here's where you can shop for some!)
source: Pinterest | Pinterest 

Which one of these trends do you see yourself copying? Let us know in the comments. 

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