Ugly Patchy Make-Up? Stop Making These 5 Mistakes With Your Foundation Now!



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Ugly Patchy Make-Up? Stop Making These 5 Mistakes With Your Foundation Now!

By m7py

Aren't you jealous of those Instagram models with flawless make-up, that sits on their face perfectly?  No problem, with these 5 hacks, you won't have to deal with patchy make-up anymore. 

1- DO NOT apply too much skincare product
Sure, you'd want to protect your skin from the harsh make-up products. But, it is advised that you keep your skincare routine simple before applying your make-up. This will help your foundation spread evenly on your skin.

Stick to only the necessary products, according to your skin type: 
- Oily skin: Moisturizer spray, lotion and sunscreen
- Dry skin: Moisturizer spray, oil and sunscreen

2- DO NOT apply foundation to your whole face all at once

Most of you make the mistake of applying foundation to your face all at once. But, the thing is the product dries off fast before you get to blend it in. Do this instead: Apply foundation to half of your face and blend evenly. Then, repeat the steps on the other half of your face.

3- DO NOT dab on some part of your face

Some parts of your face is best with less to no foundation at all. These parts include around your eyes, near the nose, and wrinkles. After you've finished blending your foundation, use the excess product on the beauty blender on the parts mentioned. Then, use a brush on those parts to thin out the foundation.

4- DO NOT skip your smoothing primer
If you have large pores and uneven texture, a coat of smoothing primer makes your skin super smooth like butter. The e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer works like magic!

5- DO NOT buff the products into your skin 
Sometimes, the problem with patchy makeup lies in the way you're applying it. Stop buffing your makeup, as it only causes unnecessary friction. Instead, do this. Pick up the product with your brush and press the brush onto the back of your hand. Next, tap the product into your skin in an upward and downward motion. Do not drag your brush against your skin!

So, master these hacks now for perfect-looking makeup! 

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