This Hairstylist Goes Viral For Serving Customers While Dressed Up In Revealing Lingerie At Her Salon



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This Hairstylist Goes Viral For Serving Customers While Dressed Up In Revealing Lingerie At Her Salon

By Ayunie

In Phetchabun Province, Thailand, a beauty salon has become the talk of the town, particularly among enthusiasts, as one of its female stylists offers hair services to customers while donning lingerie. This unconventional approach has certainly caught the attention of many patrons, resulting in a significant boost in the salon's business. However, it has also raised concerns among some wives who advise against their husbands visiting the establishment.
Source: Sanook

According to reports from Thailand news website Sanook, the beauty salon has recently shared a series of images and videos featuring a female stylist attending to clients while dressed in lingerie. These visuals have sparked lively discussions among netizens and beauty enthusiasts alike. Some individuals have expressed their eagerness to visit the salon for a unique hair appointment, while others have playfully commented, "Oh my, I just got my hair done, but it looks like I'll have to return," and a few have humorously cautioned, "Wives, it might be best not to let your husbands pay a visit!"
Source: Sanook

In an interview, the stylist in question shed light on the reason behind this unconventional approach. She explained that during Thailand's rainy season, customers tend to avoid going out, especially during heavy rain. One day, during a particularly slow business period due to inclement weather, the salon's staff brainstormed the idea of having her provide hair services while dressed in lingerie, which they recorded for promotional purposes. Surprisingly, this marketing tactic proved to be highly successful, garnering significant attention and attracting numerous enthusiasts and curious customers.
Source: Sanook

The female stylist emphasized that her lingerie attire is exclusively for her work at the salon, and she promptly switches back to regular clothing once her shift concludes. When asked about her comfort level regarding the attention she receives, she revealed that she remains focused on her work, committed to delivering exceptional hair services to her clients, and pays minimal heed to external opinions.

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