Malaysian Student, 22, Scammed By Lecturer's False Promises Of 'A' For Favors, Ends In Failed Paper



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Malaysian Student, 22, Scammed By Lecturer's False Promises Of 'A' For Favors, Ends In Failed Paper

3 Days ago
By Dhiviya

A professor enticed a young female student to become personal with him, promising her an excellent mark. However, the student ended up regretting her choice when she earned a "F" grade instead.

As to mStar's report, an anonymous confession made on X purports that the 22-year-old student, enrolled at an undisclosed university, expressed her desire to receive a perfect mark on her Calculus assignment.

It came with a catch, though: she had to get intimate with her professor, a married father of three who assured her he was going to give her the grade she desired.

The lecturer's guarantee completely persuaded the student to follow through on his desire for a romantic connection.

Unfortunately, after taking the test, the student didn't receive the promised "A" score on her Calculus paper; instead, she was given a failing grade.

She was quite saddened by the fact that she had been duped into entrusting her body to the lecturer, who had no intention of keeping his part of the agreement.

She went on to say that she was too terrified and embarrassed to tell anybody about the event when she first intended to report it to the university's administration.

Some internet users speculated in their comments that the professor had intended to fail her from the beginning since all he was looking for was to have a sexual relationship with her at her expense.

Netizens advised the student to retake the paper and break off all communication with the professor.

Source: mStar

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