This Is What Doing 15 Minutes Abs Routine For 3 Weeks Does To You | How She Does It:



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This Is What Doing 15 Minutes Abs Routine For 3 Weeks Does To You | How She Does It:

By Ayunie

A Vietnamese Youtuber known as NITANG on the online video platform has gone viral after uploading her highly effective beginner-friendly abs routine. With over 20 million views (at the time of writing) and more than 1 million likes,  her fat-burning workout video has motivated many of her viewers to emulate her routine.

The workout routine approximately takes 15 minutes each to complete, with a routine that consists of 7 varying abs exercises. The exercises differ after a few days, perhaps to avoid it from being repetitive. The exercises shown in the video include Russian twists, a variation of planks, butterfly kicks, in and out sit-ups, and more. Check out some of the exercises she does in the video:

According to her, she advises each exercise to be repeated three times each and to end every routine with at least 30 seconds of stretching. This is how her stomach looks on the 21st day of her daily workouts:

If you've been procrastinating on getting back to your normal workout routine or you've been thinking of starting one, this video could be an ideal guide. However, it is important to remind yourself that your stomach does not stay flat at all times and it is a norm for it to look bloated throughout the day. Most fitness instructors' abs you see on the internet are as a result of flexing and on a normal day, the muscles aren't even visible once relaxed.  

So while you're eager on starting a fitness journey, remember to be kind to your body and leave unrealistic expectations out the door. Lastly, good luck! 

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