The Big iOS 14.5 Update Is Coming This March With Over 217 New Emojis!



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The Big iOS 14.5 Update Is Coming This March With Over 217 New Emojis!

By Ayunie

What every iPhone user expects every time there‘s a new iOS update is new emojis and with iOS 14.5, we are getting just that. Yay! Here’s a sneak peek:

| Girls Can Have Beards Too!

The new update will include new woman-bearded emojis in all skin colors. Yay for inclusivity!

| Support For Different Skin Tones For Same-Sex Couple Emojis

Apple, you're doing amazing sweetie! The new emojis will be more inclusive towards same-sex interracial couples. 

| From Old To New

iOS 14.5 will remove the blood in the syringe emoji to represent vaccination and the headphone emoji to that of its own Airpod Max. Cool, cool, cool. 

| Other Cool Stuff
Looks like there's a new addition to our heart emoji galore and a few new ones in the standard emoji face section. I can already foresee the kind of texts I'll be sending with these ones. 

But of course, new emojis aren't the only features in the new iOs 14.5 update. Here are other things you can expect:

# Unlock Your Phone With Apple Watch
source: Freepik 

iPhones with Face IDs might be the most inconvenient invention yet in this era of the pandemic. Unlocking phones often require taking off masks which isn't exactly hygienic, especially when one needs to do it multiple times. But with the new update, that will no longer be a problem! That is of course, if you already own an Apple watch. 

# Use Siri To Set Spotify As Default Music Player

What this means is you won't have to say "on Spotify" at the end whenever you want to play music on your phone. 

#Option To Block App Developers From Accessing Your Data

source: EventMobi

About damn time. 

The new update will be accessible to all apple users starting March. But if you can't wait, Apple just released iOS 14.5 Public Beta 2 ready to be tested.

source: @XavierNaxa on Twitter

GISELLE iOS updates new emojis 14.5 Apple


Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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