7 Most Unique Starbucks In The World That Every Coffee Lover Should Visit



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7 Most Unique Starbucks In The World That Every Coffee Lover Should Visit

By Pineapplesz

Don't you just love being enveloped in the aromatic scent of fresh coffee in a Starbucks store? For coffee lovers, it just feels like home.

There are many beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Starbucks stores all over the world. From a mobile café constructed from shipping containers to an ancient two-story building made of wood. You definitely have to stop by these unique Starbucks stores.

1) Hualien Bay Mall, Taiwan


Starbucks' Hualien store is a mobile café constructed from recycled shipping containers. The stacking of the shipping containers created a much taller space and provided natural sunlight through the various skylights found throughout the structure.

2) Davis Bangkok Hotel, Thailand


Housed in The Davis Bangkok Hotels building, which looks stunning with its European-style engravings and tall windows. This buildings exterior stands out from other plain-looking buildings nearby. 

3) Ibn Batutta Mall, Dubai


In Dubai, this particular Starbucks gets a Royal Middle Eastern makeover. It's so over the top in its design, it has to be seen to be believed!

4) Famille Park Seoul, Korea

The Famille Park stores exterior is a geometric glass dome structure that invites customers to enjoy an urban coffee forest within the city. 

5) Sanfang Qixiang Fuzhou, China

Sanfang Qixiang's ancient-looking Starbucks store is a two-story building that also has a structure made of wood and is adorned with red Chinese lanterns. You can find a rock structure with a Starbucks logo at the storefront. 

6) Fast Fac Wang Noi Ayutthaya, Thailand


Starbucks Fast Fac Wang Noi stands out thanks to its orange brick exterior, which is meant to mirror the same materials that were used to build Ayutthayas ancient palaces and temples. 

7) DT Pulomas, Jakarta


One of the most unique Starbucks in Jakarta. A two-story building with a large seating area and a peaceful ambience that would make you want to sip your coffee and hope that time would stop at that moment.

Would you wanna check out any of these Starbucks stores?

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