"Stop Claiming What's Ours!" M'sians Criticize Netizen Who Claimed Zus Coffee Is An "Indonesian" Brand



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"Stop Claiming What's Ours!" M'sians Criticize Netizen Who Claimed Zus Coffee Is An "Indonesian" Brand

1 Week ago
By Dhiviya

Recently, the Twitter account @nocontextcats, which boasts an impressive 310,200 followers, reposted a captivating video featuring an animated advertisement from Zus Coffee. The video showcased an adorable cat licking the screen, instantly grabbing the attention of viewers worldwide. Accompanying the video was the tweet, "The perfect ad doesn't exist," to which Zus Coffee humorously responded, "Mom, we've made it," celebrating their marketing success and newfound international recognition.

The advertisement's viral moment sparked a wave of joy and pride among Malaysians, who took to the comment section to express their happiness over Zus Coffee's global reach. However, amidst the celebration, a controversial claim arose from a Twitter user who asserted that Zus Coffee originated from Indonesia.

Zus Coffee quickly addressed the claim, affirming, "We are proudly made in Malaysia." This declaration resonated strongly with many Malaysians, who have grown accustomed to similar instances of Indonesians claiming various products or brands as their own.

The issue of cultural and product origin is not new between Malaysia and Indonesia. A notable example is the popular children's animation series Upin and Ipin, which has also faced allegations of being from Indonesia. Such claims often stir nationalistic sentiments, leading to discussions and debates among netizens.

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