【Covid19】Feel Bored At Home? Let's Try Making Bubble Tea With Tealive's DIY Pearl Milk Tea Box!



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Feel Bored At Home? Let's Try Making Bubble Tea With Tealive's DIY Pearl Milk Tea Box!

Jada   |   Mar 26, 2020, 00:13   |   115

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many inconveniences to the public and the companies. Besides, the public is also encouraged to stay at home and avoid visiting crowded places as well as maintaining 1 meter of social distance. For the bubble tea lovers, do you know that you can make DIY bubble teas at home instead of ordering delivery? 


Recently, Tealive launched [DIY Pearl Milk Tea Box]. A variety of Tealive's best-selling tea is available such as Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Matcha Latte, Brown Sugar Hojicha Latte, Brown Sugar BOH Black Tea and Coffee Espresso. Besides, the [DIY Pearl Milk Tea Box] comes with 1kg pearls, 500g brown sugar, 75g imported Nishio Matcha and Hojicha, 20 straws and 3 boxes of Milklab milk. These ingredients are enough for you to make 20 cups for your beloved family and friends! Each kit is only sold at RM150.


The CEO of Tealive, Bryan Loo shared his home-made pearl milk tea in the stories of his personal IG. From his IG stories, you would know is not complicated to make delicious bubble milk tea at home. Moreover, you could strengthen the bonds with your family members when you try to make bubble milk tea with your family members. Besides, children could also experience things that are not taught in school!

As mentioned by Bryan Loo in his IG, if you are interested, you can directly pm him. Let's start ordering now!


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