Glamping Guide: Here's How You Can Look Cute While You're In The Outdoors



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Glamping Guide: Here's How You Can Look Cute While You're In The Outdoors


Have you noticed how quickly this year has flown by? There was just so much going on that it was difficult to keep track of everything. However, one of the many positives is that the travel ban has been lifted, allowing us to visit our favourite local destinations for a well-deserved vacation. Apart from experiencing the same ol' travelling lifestyle that we are all used to, we have an intriguing how-to guide to share with you.

So, you know how we're very used to camping? Roughing it in the great outdoors, pitching your own tents and building a bonfire to roast marshmallows for s'mores? What do you think about elevating the camping experience by making it glamorous? 

Have you heard about glamping?

While some may claim that glamping does not genuinely connect with the outdoors, trust us when we tell that it is quite comparable, and if you can camp in style, why would you say no? 

So, first and foremost, let's start with the Basic What-To-Pack list:

Duffel Bag

We know it's called a glamping trip but that doesn't mean you'd want to show up with a huge luggage bag. Go with something simple such as a stylish yet compact duffel bag.


It's advisable to carry mineral water with you on your trip so you can be hydrated all day.


You should definitely apply some sunscreen in order to flaunt a healthy tan. Don't just bask under the sun without any protection.

Insect Repellent

Keep the pesky rascals at bay by burning a mosquito coil and leaving it just outside your tent.


P.S. If you want to be even more glamorous, acquire those scented repellent sprays that will keep you smelling even better than that horrible chemical aroma.

Dry Shampoo

Bring dry shampoo with you to freshen your locks and keep your hair looking fantastic for Instagram shots.  It's likely that you wouldn't have time to wash your hair then.

Hiking Boots

If you enjoy being outdoors and regularly go on hikes, it's possible that you have the essential gear to take a little stroll in the jungle and get in touch with nature. But if you don't, it's better to look for some reasonably priced, comfortable hiking boots. 

Power Bank

It's essential to bring a power bank along with you even though you'll be glamping since you wouldn't want to leave your phone in the tent to charge.  

How-To-Stay-Cute Essential List:

Bucket Hats or Caps  

You may add a stylish bucket hat or your favourite cap to your glamping #OOTD to simply make it cuter for the perfect glam Instagram shot. Plus, it can shield you from the sun, so it's really a win-win situation.


Who wouldn't want to look amazing during their glamping weekend if they had a chic pair of sunglasses that would go with whatever they were wearing and would shield their eyes from the sun?

Moisturiser with SPF

You should still use moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated even when you have already applied a layer of sunscreen to protect your skin.

Waterproof Mascara & Eyeliner

Some would say why would you wear make-up when you'll be outdoors? Well, why shouldn't you? Waterproof mascara and eyeliner should be packed in your duffel bag so you can always look fantastic at any time of the day.

Tinted Lip Balm

Whether it's pink, orange, or red, you may use it to not only keep your lips moisturised but also to give colour to your cheeks.

Wet Wipes

Not only does it keep germs at bay, but it also helps to prevent breakouts by removing oil and makeup residue from your face with a single wipe.

Selfie Stick or Tripod

In this day and age of technology and social media, it's wise to have your photo-capturing equipment with you to document the moments. You don't want to be creating your own tripod out of sticks and stones right?

Cold Beer

That being said, another great way to enjoy the outdoors and feel energised after a hike is to crack open a can of beer. Can you fathom the satisfaction of gulping down a cool beer? It would surely feel gratifying. One of my favourite beers is definitely the Edelweiss Beer which is a Premium Wheat Beer that was Born in the Alps. The smooth texture and refined wheat aroma are just perfect to complete the glamping experience.

What’s even better? Glamping with Exciting Activities

Glamping could be boring if things weren’t well planned, like when there are no games or entertainment. This is why you should be participating in the up-and-coming, Chalet Edelweiss Unwind Event @ Genting Highlands!

The first-ever Chalet Edelweiss Unwind event will take place from October 21–23 at Resorts World Awana Driving Range in Genting Highlands. Where you may glamp while taking part in a variety of exciting outdoor activities and enjoying live music performances. 

This is going to be an outdoor experience that will provide an escape for the guests to unplug and disconnect from the city's hustle and bustle. Since Chalet Edelweiss Unwind is located in a pretty chilly location, make sure to pack extra sweatpants and sweaters, so that you don't freeze yourself.

What To Expect At The Chalet Edelweiss Unwind Event
Guests may expect an unforgettable weekend since they will spend the night under the stars in Genting Highlands and enjoy an elevated style of camping.

While the morning birds are at their morning yoga classes, nature enthusiasts can join the trail walk group by discovering the grandeur of the Awana BIO Park's Montane Timber Forest and admiring the breathtaking views of the Awana Golf Course.

Aside from that, there will be Outdoor Games for guests to partake in. We are pretty sure guests are going to be pretty famished and thirsty, and what better way to satisfy their hunger and thirst than by grabbing some nibbles from the snack bar or perhaps sipping a specially curated Edelweiss cocktail that will only be available at the Alps Bar for three days?

Dress up and be ready to take amazing shots since there will be lots of Instagrammable spots as well as dancing to your favourite local and international artists that will be headlining the event.

IIf you need a well-deserved break from the busy city life, then you should definitely join the Chalet Edelweiss Unwind event with your friends. Thanks to Chalet Edelweiss, you can now get a FREE Day Pass on Pouch Nation

Just visit Edelweiss Malaysia's official social media channels for more details: Facebook | Instagram | Edelweiss Website.

Edelweiss Alps Beer Wheat Beer premium


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