Looking For Chic Yet Affordable Raya Handbags? Here’s Where To Look:



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Looking For Chic Yet Affordable Raya Handbags? Here’s Where To Look:

By Ayunie

If you‘re still paying RM 100> for a pair of handbags, this article will change your mind AND your spending habits. Who says you have to empty your bank account to look good on Hari Raya? 

Let us walk you through some of the best-looking bags on Shopee that'd cost you less than RM 50!

• | Croc Detailing Chain Shoulder Bag


With a bag that looks this good, you almost can't believe it costs less than one set of Mcdonald's Big Mac!

| Click HERE to order yours. |

 • | Structured Chain Shoulder Bag 


We're obsessed with how timelessly chic these designs look and it comes with various colors too which would make it easy to match with your baju kurung this year!

Purchase it HERE. |

 • | Gold Detailing Shoulder Bag


This shoulder bag is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The gold detailing gives it an air of class, which makes it the perfect bag for any occasion, and not just for Raya OOTDs. We wouldn't wait for another second to get this if we were you. 

| Buy it HERE. |

 • | Pearl Hand-Woven Shoulder Bag


Jaw? Dropped. This stunning hand-woven bag with pearl strings' handle is out-of-this-world gorgeous. You'll be the talk of Instagram for sure if this debuts in your Raya OOTDs, guaranteed. 

| Eager to purchase? Click HERE. |

 • | Candy-Colored Bag


Not gonna lie, we could hardly contain our excitement looking at this one. The pink-blue-purple combo one is hands-down our fave!

| To purchase, click HERE. |

 • | Trendy Bubble Bag


We just gotta include that one bag that you probably have already seen all over social media. No harm in getting one too, no? Especially when it's THIS cheap. 

| Click HERE to purchase! |

Looking fashionable doesn't have to come with financial sacrifice if you know where to look. These Shopee selections will ensure you'd be looking your best on the day of Aidilfitri, and no one would be able to guess how much you actually paid for them!

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