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The Best Hot Condiments That'll Give Your Dish A Much Needed Spicy Kick

DN21   |   Oct 20, 2021, 15:18   |   18

As a spicy food lover, let's just be frank that a dish isn't exactly complete without balancing it with some extra heat. Call it torturous, but some people do find spicy food more satisfying to stomach. Besides, the spicy kick makes a dish tastes even better.

When it comes to the heat department, there's an array of hot condiments in the market for everyone's palates, ranging from sriracha to gochujang. Each of them have their own distinct flavors which can be served alongside different kinds of recipes. All in all, you'll always be spoiled for choice!

Let's look at the top 5:

Chili Oil

A crowd favorite, this condiment contains the right amount of spices and heat level that'll add the perfect kick to your dish, especially on top of ramen. 

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A Korean dish isn't complete without adding touches of gochujang. This red chili paste works well with just about any savoury dishes, from soondubu jjigae to buldak.



Another crowd favorite, this condiment made of red jalapeño peppers is widely splashed on just about any dishes you can think of. Due to its tangy flavor, it's often served alongside creamy dips and sauces.

Peri Peri Sauce

The type of condiment you'd typically find at Nando's. A mix of sweet, sour and slightly on the salty side, the peri peri sauce is regarded versatile as it's mostly used as seasoning or marinade.

Sambal Oelek

This is another Asian condiment that you can't go wrong with as it has all the right balance. Flavorful and equally versatile, its handful amount of crushed bird's eye chillies gives it a more powerful heat than any other condiments.



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