These Local Scented Candle Brands Will Make You Go, “OMG!”



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These Local Scented Candle Brands Will Make You Go, “OMG!”


Scented candles are like perfumes for your room. It gives your personal space a distinct identity, almost like a signature scent. If you‘re looking for a signature scent for your room or any other space in your home, we’ve got a few good selections for you to try. 

1. Ecscentshells 

These pure seashells candles are pure elegance, and we cannot believe we managed to find this gem of an IG store! @escentshells, a playful tease to the word essential, just started their business early this month, and already their business is starting to bloom. They offer three scent options at the moment: peppermint, chamomile, and manuka and you can choose to either have your candle in the form of a clam shell or a pink murex shell, all-natural. 

For more info, check out their Instagram!

2. Hanaoji.ato 

Whoever invented the idea of making candles in the form of desserts deserves their own spot in heaven. These candles from @hanaoji.ato look good enough to munch on! Although, we wouldn't suggest that. If you don't know what to get for your loved one as a gift, give them one of these. They'll squeal with joy, we're almost very certain of that. 

Find out more about these scrumptious-looking candles here!

3. Anbo MY 

Founded by a die-hard candle connoisseur, delivers aesthetics wrapped in captivating scents and authentic vessels. With personalized concrete containers and a wide array of scents to choose from, your sense of smell is sure to be spoilt for choice. 

Here's their Instagram if you want to know more, or simply head on to their website!

4. Arecurate 

The candles you've been seeing all over Instagram are sold readily here in Malaysia too! We're particularly obsessed with @arecurate's torso candles that'd look good anywhere in your home, tbh. Their concrete series is not to be missed too! 

Check them out on Instagram!

5. Candle Lab Co 

Dreaming of zero-calorie cakes? Look no further! @candlelabco_my has made our dreams come true by inventing these dessert-inspired candles that look like they came out straight out of a Strawberry Shortcake cartoon. If you're a part of the population who doesn't like cute-shaped candles, they also provide quirky-shaped ones that'd steal the spotlight every time someone lays eyes on them. 

Wanna see more? Head on to their Instagram! 

6. Oililin 

Aptly named, Oililin are candles that are made using used cooking oil. @Oililin plans to save the environment, one scented candle at a time. Truly environmental Savvy at its best! Choose among seven of their scents, with only RM29 each. Environment-friendly AND wallet-friendly. We likey! 

Check out their Instagram or website for more. 

Let's #SapotLokal and give these hardworking small business owners something to smile about! If you need more suggestions on local scented candle brands, here you go!

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