What Does Your Facial Mole Mean Based On Its Location



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What Does Your Facial Mole Mean Based On Its Location

By m7py

You've probably been sporting your moles/ beauty spots/ beauty marks for as long as you can remember! 

And, some are out in the open for everyone to see, while others might be hidden, especially in a few awkward places. 

Source: Instagram

Time to finally find out what those little dots on your face actually mean. You might love (or hate) them after this. 

1- Around the hairline
Meaning: You are a rebellious child.

2- On the scalp
Meaning: You can always escape danger & return to safety. 

3- On the left cheek
Meaning: You are introverted & has a spending problem.

4- Middle of the forehead
Meaning: You are wise & insightful. 

5- Right side of forehead
Meaning: You will be wealthy in the near future.

Source: Instagram

6- Left side of forehead
Meaning: You are selfish and doomed with bad luck. 

7- Tip of nose
Meaning: You are really impulsive. You never think before doing things. 

8- Bottom of nose
Meaning: You attract people easily & are very sensual.

9- On the right cheek
Meaning: You're logical, dominant & good at saving money. 

10- On the lip
Meaning: You gain weight easily. You have to be careful with what you eat because you might be suffering from health problems

Source: Instagram

11- On the chin
Meaning: You are adventurous & loves to explore. 

12- On the left jaw-bone
Meaning: You're blunt & overly honest. 

13- On the right cheek
Meaning: You're logical & politically correct. 

14- On the right eye
Meaning: You're honest, hardworking & trustworthy. 

15- On the left eye
Meaning: You're arrogant & pessimistic but lead a humbler life.

Source: Instagram

16- On the upper eyelid
Meaning: You're very lucky. 

17- On the lower eyelid
Meaning: You're very unlucky. 

18- Inside the left eye
Meaning: You're arrogant & likely to be in an affair. 

19- Inside the right eye
Meaning: You'll be wealthy & have a good business. 

20- Inner corner of the eye on any side
Meaning: You'll be blessed with a lot of wealth. 

So, check where your moles are & find out if you're lucky or not. 

Credit: @krystaloh

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