Sunscreen for Your Face is More Important than You Think!



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Sunscreen for Your Face is More Important than You Think!

By ellephant

Sunscreen happens to be a vital element to skincare that many do not acknowledge, or include in their routine. 

Besides helping well with not getting skin cancer or burnt by them UV rays, there are also other crucial benefits to having it on your face.  
As a matter of fact, despite being stuck at home on the daily these days, many may abandon it altogether, what with not being exposed to the sun and all that. 

But, you really shouldn't and here are 3 reasons why. 

1. Wrinkles & Fine Lines  
Believe it or not, applying sunscreen to your daily skincare practice, helps to avoid the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. 

Sunscreen has anti-aging elements contained within it, so it will help your skin retain collagen and boost elasticity, making you look younger than ever!

2. Blotchy Skin & Hyperpigmentation  
Besides that, whether it may be hereditary, or from the way our skin reacts to the environment around us, many are faced with uneven skin tones, and pesky dark spots. 

Using sunscreen can help even out our skin and prevent/reduce hyperpigmentation.  

3. Unhealthy Skin  
Number 3, sunscreen for your face also improves overall health of skin. 

Sunscreen contains forms of proteins in them which can benefit our faces. Using it on the daily will be sure to keep our faces smooth, flawless and healthy in the long run.  
Despite being taught to apply sunscreen only when we're at the beach, or when we're being overly exposed to sunlight, it is important to know now, that it is so much more than just that. 

Packed with only good things, use your sunscreen, everyday, regardless of whether you're out in the sun or not. 

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