As China's Borders Open, Thailand Adopts New Rules For Foreign & Malaysian Visitors.



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As China's Borders Open, Thailand Adopts New Rules For Foreign & Malaysian Visitors.

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ICYMI: PM Anwar Ibrahim Vows That "Malaysians' Health & Safety Our Priority" Amid Fears Of Covid-19 Surge

Thailand adopted a new requirement for foreign visitors to show proof of at least two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, government officials have announced.

Foreign arrivals are also required to have travel insurance that covers potential Covid-19-related expenses in case their next destination requires a negative RT-PCR result, Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul said.

Despite no requirements for Covid-19 testing prior to entering the country, those suffering from respiratory illnesses should postpone their visits until they have fully recovered, Anutin told the press.

Although Thailand's Covid-19 situation was improving, intensive care patients and deaths were still being observed, Anutin said in a statement.

From Dec 25 to Dec 31, the country has detected 2,111 CovidD-19 cases with 75 deaths.

The reintroduction of entry requirements aimed at stemming the spread of Covid-19 comes as China rapidly dismantles its zero-tolerance policies, reopening the country to the world and scrapping quarantine for arrivals from Jan. 8. 

Thailand expects 300,000 Chinese visitors in the first quarter of this year, after it reached a target of 10 million foreign arrivals last year in a better-than-expected recovery of its vital tourism sector.

Airlines are required to screen visitors eligibility to enter Thailand under the reimposed rules, while people suspected of displaying symptoms of Covid will be advised to get tested on arrival. Passengers transiting to other destinations are exempt, the statement said.

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