"Halal Or Not?"- Islamic Scholar Dr. Zulkifli Addresses Query On The Trending "Dancing Shrimp" Salad



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"Halal Or Not?"- Islamic Scholar Dr. Zulkifli Addresses Query On The Trending "Dancing Shrimp" Salad

By DN21

One of the things Muslims have to be extra particular about is food consumption, aka the halal status of one's food. 

On TikTok, a type of dish called the "dancing shrimp" salad has been making rounds thanks to its questionable appearance. As the name alludes, the Thai-originated dish comes in the form of LIVE, tiny shrimps that are scooped directly from the tank. After putting the shrimps in a bowl, they're then drizzled with spicy sauces. 

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The trending dish has been attaining much publicity as of late, with many doubting whether it's truly permissible for Muslims to consume. 

Thanks to a query raised on Twitter, Islamic scholar Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri has just the answer we all needed to hear. 

In this particular case, the "makruh" status refers to an act that's offensive or disliked. Although it's permissible, it's best to avoid consuming due to the shrimps' live nature, in which Dr. Zulkifli calls it "torturous".

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