4 "Barbiecore" Inspos For The Fab Girls Who Want To Nail The Trend



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4 "Barbiecore" Inspos For The Fab Girls Who Want To Nail The Trend

2 Weeks ago
By DN21

A new era of fashion is upon us, and it's fabulous as ever! Dubbed "Barbiecore", the bubbling trend pays homage to the stylish doll icon in all its bubblegum pink glory- on real people, that is. 

Even in 2022, the fashion world is still keeping up with the ultra-playful palette by showcasing some of the most fabulous styles ever, from the Valentino runway to the red carpets. 

The Barbiecore aesthetic is being heavily featured this year- thanks to the darling influencers and starlets (we see you, Hwasa!) who sported their looks in full Barbiecore force. 

In terms of wardrobe choices, the trend is all about embracing your inner playfulness! You can never go wrong with a pair of stunning platform heels (a classic Barbie signature)

As for dresses, there's nothing too extra like Hwasa's sequinned goodness! But if you prefer a more subtle silhouette, then a cutout or mini dress possess a similar charm. 

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