Michelle Yeoh Landed Lead Role Following Jackie Chan's Unavailability, & The Rest Is History



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Michelle Yeoh Landed Lead Role Following Jackie Chan's Unavailability, & The Rest Is History

By DN21

When Everything Everywhere All at Once blew up the cinematic universe last year, its leading star Michelle Yeoh landed a coveted Golden Globes acclaim and multiple accolades. 

The win was clearly a much-deserved milestone for the Malaysian-born acting legend, something that she's clearly thankful of. 

Turned out, Jackie Chan had something to do with it too. Speaking to CNN, Yeoh opened up that her role was initially offered to Chan. 

At the time of the approach, the actor had other commitments. Hence, his unavailability led the directors to role-reverse the storyline and position Yeoh as the lead instead. She was originally casted as Chan's character's wife. 

"It was written for a man. Whenever filmmakers tell the story, they also have to be mindful that it is showbusiness. 'I have to write something that somebody will make it into a film.' And so, they wrote it like that way with Jackie and me as the wife."

Following the movie's phenomenon, Yeoh received a text from Chan:

 "And I remember Jackie text me and said, 'Congratulations. You realize that your boys came to see me first?' and I'm like, 'Thank you, bro. You did me a huge favor.'"

Such a momentous destiny indeed! 

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