3 Major Signs Your Ex Is Definitely Toxic And How To Handle It Like A Queen



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3 Major Signs Your Ex Is Definitely Toxic And How To Handle It Like A Queen

By Ayunie

In one way or another, everyone has had a taste of being in a toxic relationship. In some situations, the toxicity doesn't end even when the relationship has set its sail. Take the infamous KimYe feud for an example: Kanye West's public outbursts following his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian's new relationship, albeit being some sort of entertainment for celebrity gossip enthusiasts; carries a weary reminder that a toxic ex is, frankly, a pain in the butt. 


If you happen to be dealing with a Kanye, here's how you can handle it: 

1. Do they respect your boundaries?


One ultimate telling of a toxic ex-partner is when they exercise poor respect towards you or your boundaries, be it emotional or physical. Endless missed calls, showing up unannounced at your front door, harassing your friends and family... whatever erratic behavior your ex-partner may display if they can't take no for an answer, that's a big red flag. 

2. Do they gaslight you?


Not everyone is capable of having an appropriate emotional response to breakups, and while it can be normal for an individual to be an emotional wreck after a relationship failure, gaslighting is not. If your ex-partner attempt to invalidate your traumas within the relationship, and refuse to acknowledge their direct contribution to any predicaments you may had faced while together... run bestie. 

3. Do they tend to publicly shame you?


Posting a few sad quotes on Instagram stories after a breakup is quite normal and it's not exactly frowned upon, sure. However, if they take it too far, then that'd be a little concerning. Specifically, if they try to change the narrative, paint you as the bad guy, and beg for an audience while they're at it, you're possibly dealing with a narcissist. 

| How To Handle A Toxic Ex: |

1. Restrict all access they may have to you

If they tend to disrespect your boundaries despite countless warnings, it's best to block them everywhere. It's a simple solution to a complicated nuisance. 

2. Don't give in to their manipulations

Remember that your pain and experiences are valid and just because the other party fails to see it, does not mean you're your emotional trauma is baseless. You have the right to every emotional reaction you may display as a direct response to their actions. As long as you're civil and mature about it, be firm in your stands and let them know you're immune to their games.

3. Devoid them of any reaction

Anyone trying to get a reaction out of you will attempt to do anything absurd just so their end goal is achieved. Show them you're unaffected and continue to live your life as it is. Sometimes, the best kind of reaction is none at all . It'll die down eventually. 


Did you resonate with any of these? Share with us in the comment section. 

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