“When Did You Realise They Weren’t The One?” Malaysians Share The Moment They Knew Their Relationship Was Doomed



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“When Did You Realise They Weren’t The One?” Malaysians Share The Moment They Knew Their Relationship Was Doomed

By Ayunie

If you've ever had to break up with someone, what was the moment that made you do it?

Breakup stories are always so entertaining, some even downright traumatizing. To fuel your inner makcik bawang, we've asked fellow Malaysians to share with us the exact moment in their past relationship(s) where they thought, "I'm getting TF out of this relationship." 


Get your popcorn ready, some of these stories are wild: 

Aufa Adriani, 24:
When he cheated on me and blamed it on me for finding out. Like, is he for real? 

Elda N., 28:
I found out through our mutual friends that he was messaging underaged girls behind my back when he was doing practicum (internship for practicing teachers). Just plain disgusting. 

Zairil Hakimi 25:
I caught her messaging multiple guys on Tinder DAYS before we were supposed to get engaged. Even went as far as having one-night stands with a few of them. Safe to say we didn't go through with the engagement. 

Zulaikha, 27:
We talked about our individual plans for the future and I realized ours weren't aligned. He was afraid of big changes and ridiculed my goals. I wasn't going to stay with a man who'd stunt my growth, so I left him. 

Nazihah, 28: 
I realised at one point, after dating my ex, that he was okay with me achieving things in life, as long as I wasn't doing better things than him. He'd try to bring me down occasionally, "as a way to humble me," he said. I was never allowed to be proud of my own achievements, and it took me a very long time how toxic that was. You deserve someone who would step back in awe as you shine in your spotlight! Learned that the hard way. 

Nauman Ali, 31:
My mom died during my final year of Uni, and I got very depressed. I didn't even get to attend her funeral in time, which I still beat myself for, to this day. I started isolating myself, slept for hours on end, you get the drill. To make matters worse, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me. Her excuse? I didn't make enough time for her, in which I told her, "well, my mom just died." The next sentence she said, I'll never forget: "Well I don't care that your mom died!"

Broke up with her instantly. 

Alia M, 24:
This happened when I was a lot younger but I was hanging out with my boyfriend (now ex) and he just casually mentioned how he'd brutally murder me if I ever leave him. I laughed because I thought he was making a joke, but when I looked at him it was so obvious that he was dead serious. It was a MAJOR red flag and I'm so grateful I got out of that relationship unbruised. 


Wow. Reading all these confessions really makes you think... maybe some people need to check themselves for therapy instead of ruining other people's perception of love. 

Got any crazy breakup stories? Feel free to membawang with us!

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