Former Millionaire Turns Homeless After Falling Victim to Cryptocurrency Scam, Now Lives In His Proton Wira While Working To Pay Off Debts



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Former Millionaire Turns Homeless After Falling Victim to Cryptocurrency Scam, Now Lives In His Proton Wira While Working To Pay Off Debts

By Ayunie

Seven years ago, a young man named Ariff Luqman Peter Lisut, known as Ariff Peter, enjoyed a life that many would envy. He had a thriving business, a comfortable home, and a fancy imported car. However, this idyllic life took a dramatic turn when he found himself living in his car for over a year.

The turning point in Ariff Peter's life came when he fell victim to a digital currency investment that left him with a staggering debt of over RM1 million two years ago. Despite being a promising talent in the local music industry, he took it upon himself to repay this debt by selling off his cattle farming business, two houses, three cars (including an imported one), and a van.  

To avoid the added expense of renting a room, Ariff Peter made the difficult decision to live in his Proton Wira. He didn't stop there; he took on various odd jobs, including cleaning and sanitizing premises and houses, as well as working on his skills in lyric writing.

In addition to these jobs, he also accepted orders for creating business posters, copywriting, producing various video content, and providing delivery services.

Ariff Peter admitted that his mistake was putting too much trust in the investment and using himself as a spokesperson to attract investors, claiming he was already a successful businessman. His intention was to assist others, but he didn't anticipate that everyone who joined him in the investment would disappear, leaving victims seeking their money back.

What his video explaining his condition below, or click here to watch it on 

To repay the victims, Ariff Peter sold all his assets, except for his Proton Wira, which he uses for work and sleep. Despite liquidating his assets, the proceeds fell short of covering his RM100,000 debt. He continues to take on various side jobs while holding down a stable job with a decent monthly salary for the past month.

Ariff Peter, who started his business at the age of 20, now lives alone but maintains contact with his father, as his mother passed away eight years ago due to breast cancer. His life has drastically changed from the days of running a successful cattle farming and cleaning business with several employees. Currently, he lives in his car and showers at petrol station restrooms.

Despite the challenges, Ariff Peter has adapted to his new lifestyle and remains grateful for having a place to sleep and shelter from the elements. He works tirelessly, even sleeping at the office on weekdays and continuing side jobs at night. On weekends, he dedicates his time to music production.

He's willing to take on any job that provides a lawful income, allocating about 90% of his earnings to debt repayment. Although the situation is exhausting, he views it as the consequence of his past mistakes and a valuable life lesson.

Source: Harian Metro

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