GE15 Official Date Just Announced! First Time Voters, Here's What You Need To Remember:



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GE15 Official Date Just Announced! First Time Voters, Here's What You Need To Remember:


It's official, folks! The Election Commission has selected November 19th as the voting day for the 15th General Election (GE15). Additionally, they also declared that early voting would begin on November 15th and that candidate nomination day would fall on November 5th.  

If you're a first time voter, you're probably already excited to vote and possibly alter Malaysia's political landscape. However, before you do that, there are a few things you should know:

1.  Download the mySPR app on your phone and reconfirm your voter status (you'll be automatically registered if you're aged 18 and above

2. Make sure to DOUBLE CHECK your voting address.  

What should you do on voting day?

1. Voting station will usually take place at a particular school in your local area.

2. It's advisable to show up before 8 AM as the voting usually starts at 8AM all the way to 6 PM. The earlier you show up to vote, the quicker you'll get it done. 

3. Remember to bring your Identification Card as you go in to vote at the respective voting station as your details will be checked before you can start.

4. Then, you'll be asked to line up until it is your turn. When casting, draw a simple 'X' next to the box you want. The goal is to not have a spoilt vote. 

5. Drop your voting paper in the box and you'll walk out with an inked finger, indicating that you've done your part.  

Looks pretty simple, right? Don't forget to fulfil your civic responsibility as a Malaysian and vote for the most deserving political party. Whatever the outcome may be, may it be the best for our country. 

What's your predictions for this GE15? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

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