"Dajjal Supporters!" Coldplay's Sign Language Performance Misinterpreted By TikTok Creators As Calls For Supporting Dajjal



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"Dajjal Supporters!" Coldplay's Sign Language Performance Misinterpreted By TikTok Creators As Calls For Supporting Dajjal

By Ayunie

Recently, creators on TikTok caused outrage after irresponsibly manipulating a video of Coldplay's Chris Martin performing in sign language during their live performance of "Something Just Like This" at their KL concert. This sign language rendition was specifically meant to cater to their hard of hearing fans, demonstrating inclusivity and accessibility in their concerts.

The edited videos on TikTok showcased misleading translations of the sign language gestures, suggesting false and disturbing meanings that have no relation to the song lyrics. In one egregious edit, a particular sign was falsely interpreted as "worship me," a phrase entirely unrelated to the original song lyrics or message conveyed during the performance.

Source: TikTok now deleted video

The sign language interpretation by Chris Martin was part of Coldplay's initiative to make their music accessible to all fans, including those with hearing impairments. However, the creators on TikTok manipulated this noble effort, twisting the sign language into inappropriate translations and creating confusion and distress among viewers.


الصوت الأصلي - القرآن الكريم بصوت عالي

A video falsely claiming the bracelets distributed during the concert were a declaration of support for Dajjal

This misrepresentation sparked condemnation among Malaysians, who were appalled by the irresponsible actions of these TikTok creators. Many criticized the creators for distorting the genuine intent of the sign language performance and spreading misleading information.

The incident highlighted the importance of responsible content creation and the need to respect and accurately represent diverse forms of expression, especially those aimed at inclusivity and accessibility for differently-abled communities.

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