What Is Aphasia? A Look Into Bruce Willis' Battle



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What Is Aphasia? A Look Into Bruce Willis' Battle

By DN21

Bruce Willis is one of Hollywood's long-standing blockbuster stars. And with a glittering career of over four decades, fans are hoping he'd stay in the limelight a bit longer. 

His recent health diagnosis however, came as a shock to Hollywood. It's revealed that the star is battling aphasia, which has prompted him to retire from the acting scene. 


What exactly is aphasia?

The neurological disorder is linked to cognitive abilities, which impacts one's ability to verbally communicate, write or even comprehend words/what others are saying.

Prior to the diagnosis, industry insides had claimed that the actor was having a hard time on set- including struggling with his lines and often appearing confused by his surrounding. 

Aphasia can occur from the following: 

- Stroke

- Traumatic brain injury 

- Tumour in the brain

- Infection

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