Families Of Elmina Plane Crash Victims Received Personal Donations From His Majesty YDPA



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Families Of Elmina Plane Crash Victims Received Personal Donations From His Majesty YDPA

By Ayunie

In a gesture of compassion and solidarity, the Royal Palace's Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja, Major General Dato Indera Zahari Mohd Ariffin, fulfilled the command of His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong by conveying His Majesty's personal contribution to the heirs of the victims of the tragic plane crash incident in Elmina, Shah Alam, Selangor recently.

Major General Dato Indera Zahari, representing the Royal Palace, visited the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang Hospital and the Jamek Ar-Rahimiah Mosque in Klang. During these visits, he extended heartfelt condolences from both His Majesty and Her Majesty the Queen to all the grieving heirs and family members who had lost their beloved ones in the sudden and tragic incident.



Source: Istana Negara

Both Their Majesties expressed their deep empathy for the affected families, acknowledging the immense grief they must be enduring. They emphasized the importance of strength and patience during this challenging time, as the families navigate the heavy burden of sorrow and pain caused by the loss of their loved ones.

Furthermore, both Their Majesties offered heartfelt prayers for the departed souls, beseeching Allah's mercy to envelop them and place them among the ranks of the righteous and virtuous believers.

Read the official statement by Istana Negara below, or click here for their FB page:

Among the recipients of these contributions are the heirs of the victims who have been identified: the widow of Shaharul Amir bin Omar, the widow of Muhammad Taufik bin Mohd Zaki, the widow of Khairil Azwan bin Jamaluddin, the widow of Shahrul Kamal bin Roslan, the widow of Sharipudin bin Shaari, the elder brother of Heikal Aras bin Abdul Azim, and the widow of Mohammad Naim bin Mohamed Muidi.

The funerals of nine additional victims were held yesterday, following the burial of Muhamad Hafiz the day before.

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