Singer Baby Shima Exposes DM From A Fan Who Asked To Consume Her Faeces As Part Of A Bizarre Fetish



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Singer Baby Shima Exposes DM From A Fan Who Asked To Consume Her Faeces As Part Of A Bizarre Fetish

By Ayunie

In the realm of celebrity-dom, the line between admiration and obsession can blur in unpredictable ways. A recent incident involving singer Baby Shima sheds light on the darker corners of fandom, where unconventional fetishes come to the forefront, leaving many both intrigued and repulsed.

Late on the 17th of August, Baby Shima, a prominent figure in the music industry, decided to share a particularly disturbing direct message she received from a fan on her Instagram account. The message originated from a user with the handle @/scatslave2, and its content left little to the imagination.  

The DM from the user was candid and direct, posing a shocking query: "Is it okay if I want to eat Baby Shima's faeces?" The message's stark nature, coupled with the unmistakable Instagram username, quickly hinted at the fan's peculiar predilections a predilection known as coprophilia, or more informally, a scat fetish.  

Coprophilia involves deriving sexual pleasure and arousal from feces, a concept that might trigger disbelief and revulsion in many. 

While the idea of deriving pleasure from excrement may be perplexing to most, a subset of people willingly engage in practices related to their fetishes. This can include consuming feces as a means of achieving arousal. Baby Shima did not shy away from sharing the bizarre message with her followers.

Amid the intrigue and shockwaves, Baby Shima has since taken down the post. 

What do you think of this particular fetish? Comment below. 

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