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Viral Coffee | Yummy Frenché Roast @ Lotuss Stores

By m7py

ICYMI, in the past weeks, TESCO (sorry, I mean, Lotuss Stores) has been under the spotlight once again! This time, another name is getting all the hype among the people. 

It's none other than, the popular Frenché Roast specialty coffee from France. Many have tried & claimed that the premium blend tastes just so good. 

Source: Instagram

What makes the brand so special is its gourmet coffee variant that is made from the best roasted beans. It's as if you've ordered a cuppa from the top café in town!

And, as proof, we see how the products have been flying off shelves as soon as they get on. 

Source: Instagram

Some of the must-try flavours are including:

-  Ice French Latté

- Salted Caramel Latté

- Tiramisu Latté

- Premium French Roast

Source: Instagram

Each drink comes in a 19g sachet. You can buy the 28-sachet pack for RM14.90 ONLY!

To make a cup, just add 200ml of hot water/fresh milk & stir well. 

Source: Instagram

Good news, you can shop online for the products here

Do try this peoples choice coffee soon! Who knows it might become your new favourite to have every morning?

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