WATCH: China Woman Sparks Backlash For Calling Assam Laksa "Stinky" And Comparing "ABC" To Essential Oils After Dining In KL Restaurant



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WATCH: China Woman Sparks Backlash For Calling Assam Laksa "Stinky" And Comparing "ABC" To Essential Oils After Dining In KL Restaurant

By Ayunie

A recent visit by Chinese blogger Winnie Jiang to a renowned Asam Laksa chain in Kuala Lumpur stirred controversy after she openly expressed discomfort with the unfamiliar taste and aroma of the dish. In a video shared on Xiaohongshu she narrated her critique of the food she tasted, sparking discontent among Malaysian netizens. 

During her Asam Laksa tasting, the blogger visibly struggled, pinching her nose and frowning throughout the meal. She specifically mentioned the restaurant having a strong smell, which further fueled negative reactions from Malaysian netizens.

In the video, Winnie attempted Rojak and ABC shaved ice but remained dissatisfied. She complained about the shaved ice resembling the scent of essential oils and highlighted difficulties in communication due to the language barrier in Malaysia, claiming that the seller only referred to Rojak as "fruits". Concluding her experience, she struggled to articulate her overall sentiment about the entire meal, and simply made a face. In the end, she urged the viewers to try the food for themselves. 

Watch her video below, or click here to watch it on Facebook:

The video triggered extensive discussions among Malaysian netizens, with many expressing dissatisfaction, deeming her critique disrespectful to Malaysian cuisine. 

Responding to the backlash in the comments section, Winnie attempted to mitigate criticism, stating, "Different strokes for different folks, I really like durian, but I can't handle this one, It really smells. Let's exchange opinions." Speaking to MS News in response to the controversy, Ms. Jiang clarified that she never intended to spark a debate and only wanted to "share a laugh" with her social media followers.

What do you think of the woman's reactions towards our food? Comment below.

Source: China Press

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