Tesla Cars To Be Officially Sold In M'sia very Soon, Says Minister Tengku Zafrul



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Tesla Cars To Be Officially Sold In M'sia very Soon, Says Minister Tengku Zafrul

By Ayunie

You'll be seeing more Tesla cars on Malaysian roads soon!

Minister of International Trade And Industry Malaysia, Tengku Zafrul has just announced one really big news that'd make Malaysians' Elon Musk's fans highly delighted: Tesla's electric cars will be officially sold in Malaysia soon!

According to an announcement made by the minister himself, the multinational automotive, artificial intelligence, and clean energy company will establish their own head office in Malaysia, as well as their official Tesla Experience & Services Centre and Supercharger Network.

This means more job opportunities with predictably better paying careers for Malaysians in the near future, and of course, cooler looking cars on the road.

More details are expected to be released soon.

What do you think of Tesla officially coming to Malaysia? Share with us your thoughts!

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