REAL SUPERNATURAL STORIES: The Mysterious Keeper of Pulau Tikus, Penang And Why You Should Probably Never Visit This Island



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REAL SUPERNATURAL STORIES: The Mysterious Keeper of Pulau Tikus, Penang And Why You Should Probably Never Visit This Island


DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for educational purposes only and we hold absolutely no intention of spreading any malice. We strongly advise against visiting this island.

Not many people are aware of what lies within Pulau Tikus, not even Penangite themselves. 

Deep within the island, there is a shrine built ages ago, of a local saint by the name Seyad Abdul Mohamed Kuddoos Oliyullah. His origins strangely cannot be traced in any historical records, although legends say that sometime in the days of yore, the mysterious figure was originally an ancient princess who was forced to take her own life to get away from her enemies who were trying to conquer the island. Her body washed back ashore and was later buried on the island. Ever since then, supernatural occurrences began to surround the island. (There exists other versions of the shrine's origins as well, this is simply one of them.) Fast forward to the present day, people now flock to the island to pay their respect to the shrine and bring forth offerings, mainly in the hope of luck and wealth.

Credit: Persatuan Abang Tanjung Penang 

According to a personal recollection from a local who frequents the island, he used to act as a personal guide for those who wished to visit the island for worshipping purposes. In one instance, he brought along a group of people to the island, whose main intention was to ask for guidance on lucky lottery numbers. 

When they reached the island, they began placing their offerings in front of the shrine, and it was said that the spirit of Datuk Su, which is what the local saint is generally referred to, possessed the medium who was brought there as well and started muttering the lucky numbers. Everything seemed to go smoothly until the very end of the ritual. Datuk Su, through the medium, shouted a stern warning; "Everyone may leave now, except for that lady!" the medium pointed at said lady before the spirit left his body.

Credit: Talking Ghosts 

After some interrogation, the lady finally admitted that she brought a "protection sword" which she obtained from a Thai temple as a means of protection. Apparently, this had angered Datuk Su, and the group were advised to leave immediately. At this point, the lady started growling and hissing; it appeared that she was possessed. As they were quickly leaving and dragging the lady with them, they started hearing a mysterious voice chanting Malay spells and the voice grew louder as they made their way out. Everyone also noticed a distinctive fragrance, which is a sign that a mystic figure was present. The fishermen whose boat they borrowed, told them to ignore the signs and to quickly head to the boat.

Credit: Jackie Xiangge Belief Culture Facebook

As they were jumping onto the boat, one of the people shouted, "wait, there's one person still on the island!" and when they looked on, they saw a man dressed in full military uniform, looking down at them. The fisherman simply looked away and said, "He's not one of us. Let's leave." All of a sudden, the possessed lady let out a voice that was much different from her own, saying: "let's see who is much stronger, you or me." 

The girl calmed down as they left the island. After a few more visits to the island, the local simply stopped visiting. 

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