First Impression Matters! Learn the Tricks with 3 Easy Tips



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First Impression Matters! Learn the Tricks with 3 Easy Tips

By DN21

It takes only seconds for you to make a first impression on others- not minutes or hours. The first impression can make or break you, especially if you're planning to establish a stronger network in your professional life. Breaking out from your timid shell might seem impossible at first, but that's how you'll get a good start. Begin and commit with these small steps first and see how they'll lead you to bigger doors.

1. Look Presentable  
You don't have to be decked out in designer duds to make a great first impression. The key is to just dress smart. Yes, the way you dress tells a bigger story of how you perceive youself- and that is reflected in other people's eyes. Wearing clean clothes and having well groomed hair or stylish hijab are some of the ways you can look presentable.

2. Adjust Your Attitude 

It's nearly impossible to always maintain a positive attitude in life. However, looking happier can make you more approachable. People are often attracted to those who always maintain a positive composure and have less drama. So, act accordingly and think about how people will talk about you in front of others. 

3. Body Language  
A good posture says alot about the person, and is often associated with having confidence and great self-care. The way you walk, smile and even stand can conjure multiple assumptions about yourself. If you always slouch, other people might assume you're lazy and tend to inhibit other underlying bad habits. After all, you can't even improve on your body posture, and this can put some people off.

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