Top Investment Apps For Clueless Beginners Who Want To Start Growing Their Savings



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Top Investment Apps For Clueless Beginners Who Want To Start Growing Their Savings


If you‘re looking to delve into investment but lack the knowledge, it is best to opt for Robo Advisors, otherwise known as an automated investment— an AI algorithm that basically does all the work for you. All you need to do is well... start investing. 

That being said, here are five top investment apps that even the most clueless of beginners will know how to use.

1. StashAway  

The popular robo advisor Stashaway is ideal for newbie investors who might not know much about investment but still keen on growing their savings. With no minimum investment requirement, affordable fees, and aesthetically pleasing (hey, it's important!) app, Stashaway is your road to beginner-friendly investment. 


• Personalized financial plan suited to your financial goals

• No minimum investment

• 0.8% annual fees

• Withdraw your investments anytime

Go to their website for more. 

2. Wahed Invest  

Wahed Invest is a US-based halal online investment platform aimed at investors. Its Syariah-compliant properties attract investors looking for ethical investments without any guilt. With a minimum investment requirement of only RM 100 and a rather straightforward interface, you'll get the hang of it in no time; even if you've never invested once in your life before. 


• Syariah-focused

• 0.39% – 0.79% annual fees

• No long-term investments

Go to their website for more. 

3. BEST Invest

BEST Invest is a BIMB Investment, a licensed Islamic fund management company modulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia. it is a bank-backed and wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, so no issues of lack of security here. 


• Minimum investment of RM 10 

• 0.5% – 1.2% annual fees

• Syariah-compliant

• No complicated sign-up steps

• Invest and withdraw anytime you want

Go to their website for more. 

4. MyTHEO  

handles everything for you in a way that it automatically creates, maintains, and optimizes your investment portfolio based on your financial goals and profile. It also offers data protection so you could invest without any worries. Other than that, MyTHEO is able to rebalance your investment if it detects any market slumps. 


• Minimum investment of RM 100

• 0.5% – 1.0% annual fees

• No hidden charges

Go to their website for more. 

5. Raiz  

If you don't have a definite budget for investment, opt for Raiz as it enables you to invest in small amounts—even your spare charge— in a convenient manner. With Raiz, your investment is kept secure in a remote server and secured server so if ever your device gets hacked, your investment will still be untouched. 


• Only RM1.50/month for accounts under RM6,000 

•  0.3% per year for accounts RM6,000 or more

•  unlimited free deposits and withdrawals.

• Automatic rebalancing

Go to their website for more. 

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