Am I Becoming Depressed? 6 Signs that May Tell



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Am I Becoming Depressed? 6 Signs that May Tell

By ellephant

If there has been anything which has brought forth a surge in mental health problems, it is this pandemic. 

Being stuck at home on the daily, without any ability to connect with the rest of the world, or find a light at the end of this dark tunnel, are strong enough notions to push anyone off the edge.  
Unfortunately, besides talking to a professional, or distracting ourselves right out of this muck, there really isn't much to do. 

That being said, we're listing down the few signs you can check through, to see if you could be falling into depression. 

#1 Disconnecting  
Whether it is responding texts, calls, emails, or connecting with others, you do not feel the need or the want to. You're self-conscious, dull around people, you stop missing loved ones, you generally hate the world and everyone in it. 

#2 Fog-mind  
It's like your brain has turned to mush, and everything feels like a big blur. Time moves, but in your head, it would appear that everything has sort of come to a halt. 

#3 A big sense of hopelessness and feeling lost  
You're irritated all the time. It feels like there is no hope, and your dreams as well as aspirations are at a dead end. You're lost and unsure where to go from here on out. 

#4 It hurts  
Besides mental fatigue, your body and muscles feel tired. It's like you want to sleep and never wake up. Everything hurts and you couldn't care less about looking after yourself, physically, mentally or emotionally.  

#5 Nothing makes me happy, everything makes me sad  
All the things that used to make you happy, now do not make you feel anything. They just exists, and do not bring you any sort of gratification. Instead, you feel down most times. Everything is bleak, and nothing feels great anymore. 

#6 Solace in loneliness  
You're completely comfortable being alone. You isolate yourself from others and live in a world, where it is only 'me, myself and I'. You very unhealthily enjoy loneliness.  
The first 6 signs that you're not at your best mentally. The list is of course far longer, and does require professional diagnosis, but you can use this to check in with yourself every once in awhile, just in case. 

However, should you ever feel like you need assistance, do not hesitate to call 603-76272929 or email, [email protected] for professional help. 

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