Ipsos '21 | Malaysians Trust Politicians The Least, Doctors The Most!



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Ipsos '21 | Malaysians Trust Politicians The Least, Doctors The Most!

By m7py

Oops- a recent survey by market analysts Ipsos revealed that Malaysians trust politicians the least! Shocking? 


The survey -by the name Trust In Professions - saw politicians with the lowest trust margin among citizens- with only 19% considering them as trustworthy. 

Just above them are government ministers (24%) & advertising executives (26%)


And Malaysians are not alone. The global survey showed the lack of trust in politicians worldwide with only 10% trustworthiness rating- followed by ministers (14%) & advertising executives (15%)


In contrast, the survey shows that doctors are the most trusted as voted by 68% of Malaysians, followed by teachers (65%), scientists (57%), armed forces (52%) & judges (49%)


Even teachers-who held the first place in the 2019 survey- lost to our Malaysian doctors. 


In fact, the international market research firm shared the global survey results- with doctors topping the list again with 64%

The ranking continues with scientists at 2nd place (61%), followed by teachers (55%)


According to associate director of Ipsos's public affairs department, Lars Erik Lie, more Malaysians have been interacting with the healthcare system than ever before ever since the pandemic. 

So, this year's placement makes sense -I guess! Share these findings with a politician that you know. 

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