'The Back Of My Bra Keeps Riding Up' - Here's A Quick Fix For Big-Busted Women



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'The Back Of My Bra Keeps Riding Up' - Here's A Quick Fix For Big-Busted Women

2 Weeks ago
By ellephant

Big boobs are a lot of work, we're not even kidding. 


Lately, a picture of Sydney Sweeney in a bikini (while on a movie shoot) went viral on Twitter, and netizens started a discussion on how her bikini top was struggling to carry the weight of her boobs. 

Since then, there have been many others asking about what should they do, if they too face the same problem. 

Here's the solution:


1. Get yourself measured so you know your exact boob size (can be done at bra stores)

2. Get a bra which has a smaller band size with a larger cup

3. Use the most outer hook when you first get the bra

4. As it gets looser, move the hooks to tighter ones

Your boobs should get support from not only the strap but also the cup. 

If either one is doing most of the work, then it'd probably result in not fully supported breasts, and you'll find yourself constantly adjusting your bra. 


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