innisfree’s Up To 30% Double 11 All-Day Crazy Sale! Gifts And Vouchers To Be Given Out!



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innisfree’s Up To 30% Double 11 All-Day Crazy Sale! Gifts And Vouchers To Be Given Out!

By Huan Lui

With 11 November coming, all of us are preparing to dig deep into our pocket for a shopping spree. But you know that the 11.11 sale is not exclusive to Taobao, don't you? Here's the good news. Innisfree Malaysia is also having their 11.11 online sale!

The flash sale that includes up to 40% discount lasts for only 2 hours, be sure to catch it to not miss the chance to stock up.

Jump in now and let's find out about the deals they are having.

#Up to 30% discount

Every makeup junkie knows that Innisfree is known for its good quality product but affordable price. And now, you will even be given another 30% for purchasing. You can start shopping your way to makeup and skincare products heaven here.

#RM 11 voucher

Giveaway!!! Apart from all the discounts, Innisfree is nice enough to give out an extra RM 11 voucher at checkout for all orders made on 11 November. 

#Free gifts

Innisfree is showing their appreciation to all inni-friends in the most genuine away ever! Shop at all their official online stores on 11 November and you will be given a special gift.  As for what it is? You will know when you get it.

#Only available for online purchases

Remember to shop at Lazada, Hermo or Shopee for your favorite Innisfree products on the day of the big 11.11 sale day! Skip the long queues and enjoy the exclusive online Innisfree promotion!

#Buy 18 sheet masks and get another 12 free

Innisfree Real Squeeze Masks is also a highly recommended nice product. And with the deal going on, the originally RM 5-per-sheet mask is now only RM 90 for 18, coming with another 12 free masks some more on Lazada or Hermo. You can save up to RM 60 from this!

Here are some of the best items to buy at Innisfree.

1. Green Tea Seed Range

Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Range is no stranger to us. I call the Green Tea Seed Serum a jewel in the store. It moisturizes your skin without living a greasy feeling behind. The gentle green tea aroma will make you feel refreshed too. Use it with their Seed Cream, Seed Skin and Seed Essence in Lotion and you will see a pleasant result.

2. Bija Cica Range

Here comes the right product for sensitive and acne prone skin! The Bija Cica Gel and Bija Cica Balm help in removing acne scars and promoting skin health.

3. Volcanic Range

The Volcanic Range seems to already become an icon of Innisfree. It is definitely one of their best sellers. You will fall in love with the result this range of products bring once you have tried it.  And the Mousse Mask is a must-buy. It is gentle to use and gives a good result when used correctly.

4. Jeju Pomegranate Range

Pomegranate is a superfruit for beauty. The Jeju Pomegranate Range can not only prevent skin aging, but also helps in revitalizing your skin.

5. No-Sebum Range

If you have oily skin, this is what you need in your bag. Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder is a 9-in-one loose powder for oil control. Besides, you can also use this sebum-control product to fix your makeup or as eye-makeup base, nail base, mascara base, dry shampoo or body powder.

Attention! Get a 15% off for all the products of the 5 Ranges mentioned above when you checkout from 12am to 2am on Lazada or Hermo, or 12pm to 2pm on Shopee on 11 November!

Also enjoy up to 40% discount for the brand's Real Fit Creamy Lipstick when purchasing on the time mentioned. To be frank, Innisfree makes good moisturizing lipsticks with romantic shades. Their lipstick is perfect for you if you are not familiar with makeup products.

11.11 Deal aside, Innisfree is also launching the Green Holidays Limited Edition Collections!

Now, isn't this just another reason to burn your wallet?

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