GSC Gardens Has A Cinema Room With A Private Screen!



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GSC Gardens Has A Cinema Room With A Private Screen!

By ellephant

We've seen all types of cinemas here in Malaysia, from beanieplex, iMax, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc.

But, we recently discovered that there is also a private screen where you wouldn't have to deal with strangers!  

That's right, GSC Gardens apparently has a private screen that can fit up to 10 people. You can book the room for a lump sum total, and prices vary based on the movie. 

The Aurum Theatre, The Gardens Mall, it's room is called Private Screen, which makes the ideal place for movie screenings, conferences and gatherings.

The room is designed for intimate gatherings, high-end exhibition launches, or photoshoots. 

The Private Screen can be booked to host an intimate movie night, complete with food and drink served from a standalone bar with a dedicated host.  

It is a multi-sensorial experience with our quality entertainment system, complete with a Full HD Laser Projector and sound system.

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