Dettol’s Products that You Need! Keep Yourself and Around Clean & Hygiene



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Dettol’s Products that You Need! Keep Yourself and Around Clean & Hygiene

By yiyingxx

It is always crucial to keep your environment and yourself in a clean condition, especially in this special moment when everywhere is spread with Covid-19 virus. Do you know what are the important supplies that may assist you with hygiene? Dettol’s variety of products may be a good choice for you! 

1. Dettol Hand Sanitiser 100ml

We'd say this is the most common thing to keep you away from viruses! It is a kind advice for you to put on some sanitiser on hand after touching even a small thing. Absolutely, it would be better if you can wash your hands. Nevertheless, we understand that there are some circumstances where it is impossible for you to wash them. Therefore, a hand sanitiser is really significant for you, especially if you are forced to go out frequently.

Price: RM9.16

Purchase link: Hand Sanitizers  

2i. Dettol Wipes Anti-Bacterial (10's)

This tool is an alternative choice for you if you do not want to use the hand sanitiser to clean your hand. Similar to the hand sanitiser, both will kill 99% of germs on your hands. Except for hands, you must make sure everything around you is away from bacteria too! So, do not forget to wipe the things around you with this wipe after using them.

Price: RM13.12

Purchase Link: Laboratory Tools  

2ii. Dettol Wipes Sensitive (3 x 10's) 

If you have sensitive skins, no worries too! Dettol provides a kind of wipes which are specially for sensitive skin!

Price: RM8.95

Purchase Link: First Aid Supplies  

3. Dettol Hand Wash (250ml)

As mentioned above, washing hands is always better than using a sanitiser. To prevent the spread of Covid 19, you must clean your hands often! Do not forget to use the soap which may kill 99.9% of germs. In addition, this hand wash is made up of specially formulated pH-balanced formula thus it is suitable for all skin types!

Price: RM6.75 - RM7.73

Purchase Link: Hand Care  

4. Dettol Disinfectant Spray Morning Dew (450ml)

After going back home from outside, there is a high chance for you to bring the virus back to your lovely home. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your house too! If you are too lazy to mop here and there, you must at least use a spray to make your house clean as well as hygiene. Every corner of your house including the curtain, toilet seat, sofa and kitchen sink must be cleaned!

Price: RM20.29

Purchase Link: First Aid Supplies  

5. Dettol Brown Antiseptic Liquid (1L)

This Antiseptic Liquid can be used for a lot of purposes. For example, medical uses, laundry sanitization and floor cleaning. It is non-poisonous but does guarantee a 100% protection against germs which may lead to infection and illness. If you feel 1 Litre is too little, you may purchase the 5 Litre one as we believe the frequency you need this will increase at this moment!

Price: RM42.54

Purchase Link: First Aid Supplies  

Except for these supplies, there are some other supplies which you may need. You may get all you need via the Dettol Official Store on Shopee. Hurry up to get yours and do not forget to claim the shop vouchers.

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