OMG | Study Reveals Mild COVID-19 Can Still Give You Brain Damage!



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OMG | Study Reveals Mild COVID-19 Can Still Give You Brain Damage!

By m7py

A study in the scientific journal Nature just revealed that even mild cases of COVID-19 could cause brain damage.

The study found that COVID-19 patients had reduced brain volumes even, with just mild infections.,width=1098,format=auto/sites/default/files/styles/1200x800/public/d8/images/methode/2020/07/14/a8221da0-c4c1-11ea-86df-6d561651b5f4_image_hires_183246.jpg?itok=ibHJTIF4&v=1594722782

It's no surprise that the most affected brain areas were those related to the ability to smell.

You see, when you lose your sense of smell, you will also lose brain volume related to smell. That also causes your brain to age faster. and make you more prone to Alzheimer's or Parkinson disease.

No worries, those brain areas would recover when your sense of smell return. So, it is reversible, although scary. Please adhere to the SOPs and stay safe at all times!

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