Fit 92-Year-Old Actor Clint Eastwood Reveals The 3 Eating Habits He STILL Swears By



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Fit 92-Year-Old Actor Clint Eastwood Reveals The 3 Eating Habits He STILL Swears By

1 Week ago
By DN21

Clint Eastwood is one of Hollywood's most prolific actors; and at 92 years old, he still is. 

Despite his age, Eastwood is surprisingly still in top form. From cutting off sugar to practicing a well-balanced intake, being fit in his 90s is definitely an impressive feat.  
Eastwood's been known to mainly swear by these healthy eating habits:

1- Cutting off sugar and alcohol

Less is more when it comes to enjoying the sweeter things in life. For the actor, he regularly stays away from sugar-laden food, including carbs, desserts and sweet (plus alcoholic) beverages. 

Instead, he consumes vitamins and raw vegetables to boost immunity. Getting enough rest, according to Eastwood, is also essential. 

2- A strict diet

Only low-fat and high protein food for this macho man! Having lost his dear father at an early age due to an unhealthy lifestyle, Eastwood then swore to keep a close eye on his own diet. 

3- Guilty pleasure, who?

Eastwood isn't a fan of living (and eating) large. For breakfast, his go-to meals were mostly brown rice and salmon- a testimony given by his son, actor Scott, for the Men's Health.

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