Food For Thought? Louis Vuitton Releases Fortune Cookie-Shaped Bag



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Food For Thought? Louis Vuitton Releases Fortune Cookie-Shaped Bag

By DN21

Forget edible fortune cookies, now we've got couture! 

Call it an overstatement or boujie, Louis Vuitton isn't playing around when it comes to putting a high fashion spin on delicacies.  
And at RM10,100, the fashion house's latest serving is certainly worth a fortune. After all, it features its own greeting as well!  
If you look past its fortune cookie silhouette, you'll find that the calfskin bag also doubles as a wristlet and clutch. 

Louis Vuitton calls this creation a 2-in-1 as the edgy transparent PVC wrapper can even be toted on its own.  
Oh well, judging by the size of our bank accounts, this 'yummy' arm candy can only stay in our dreams.

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