WATCH: Family In Kedah Had Their Car Set On Fire While They Were At Home In A Suspected Jealousy-Driven Crime



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WATCH: Family In Kedah Had Their Car Set On Fire While They Were At Home In A Suspected Jealousy-Driven Crime

By Ayunie

In Taman Maluri, Jitra, a deeply unsettling incident shocked the residents on January 19, 2024, at 2 AM. A neighbor's alarming call shocked a family as they learned their parked car was on fire just outside their home.

Reacting to the alarming situation, the family, , made a hurried exit through the back door. Thanks to the timely and effective response from the Jitra Fire Department, the fire was put out swiftly.

The next day, an unknown individual approached the family car in a manner that raised suspicion. When faced by one of the family members, the individual quickly ran away, raising worries about another possible arson attempt.

Check the videos below:

A forensic investigation carried out by the fire department on January 20th reveals the finding of petrol traces on the car's body, which escalated the incident to a criminal case.

An update on the next day on January 21st revealed that an individual suspected to be the main perpetrator, seen in the initial video, voluntarily surrendered for questioning. This person, described as someone with special needs, was later excluded as a suspect.

Correcting misunderstandings, the family pointed out that it's unlikely for their relatively new, five-year-old car to catch fire without the engine running. They stressed that there are no easily flammable items in the car, like aerosol air fresheners or power banks.

As of the time of writing, the case is still on going.

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