Small and Simple Tattoo Ideas. 简单和小型的纹身。



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Small and Simple Tattoo Ideas. 简单和小型的纹身。

By paigefaye

Getting a tattoo is not something you do just because it looks “cool” or it is “fun.” Tattoos to many people meant something important to them. Perhaps it is something that represents them or signs to show they’ve become a better person than they were tomorrow. For people who want to get a simple and small tattoo, here are some ideas to give you some idea.

1, Short phrases.


Having short phrases, between one and four words, can mean something powerful. Sure, they can seem cheesy and straightforward, but sometimes less is more. The less complex your tattoo is, the more meaningful they are. Find words or phrases that inspire you or has changed you into a better person in general.

2, Plants.


Getting plants as tattoos are simply adorable to many people, but they can bring a strong meaning as well. Having a flower or tree tattoo usually means strength, as plants are seen to be so strong they can survive even through harsh weather. They also mean hope, just like how plants behave when it comes to their needs to survive.

3, Punctuation.


Punctuation might look like a small part not just in sentences, even as a tattoo, but a lot of them brings a strong meaning. One of the most popular punctuation tattoos would be a semicolon, which symbolizes perseverance, semicolon means that it is not the end yet, and something else is yet to come. Some other common ones include the plus sign, an exclamation sign, or even ellipsis.

4, Shapes and geometry.


Tattoo shaped in geometrical shapes can look cool as they look complex and simple at the same time. A lot of times geometric tattoos are associated with religion and spiritual practices, so make sure you are getting the right shape before getting it on your skin. Getting a small cube, or 3D shapes can be nice. However, if you prefer a simpler style, going with 2D ones works great as well.

5, Animals.


Having animals shaped tattoos can be pretty common, such as dragonflies and birds. If you want something that is less harsh and more to the simple side, opt for a small tattoo of an elephant, or about cats or dogs would be adorable as well. Tattoos are not necessarily complex and scary looking, you can choose to make yours look cute too.

6, Planets.


Planets tattoos are the best for people who want a small, simple and feminine tattoo. One of the most common would be the sun, as it is a strong sign that symbolizes life. For a slightly longer tattoo, the phases of the moon are both elegant and meaningful. It basically symbolizes how life comes and go, which can mean a lot to many people. Having a small sun and moon can be cute as well.

7, Arrows.


Many girls would opt for arrow tattoos because they do not look too harsh and more to the feminine side. They also come in many designs and sizes, but all of them still remain the elegant look. As different designs of arrow do come with different meanings, so make sure you know what the meaning of your chosen arrow is.

Having a tattoo is something that you have to think in the long run, as it is permanent unless you went to laser remove it. Make sure that you choose something that means a lot to you and that you wouldn’t regret in the future. Also, make sure you protect it well after having it done. Treasure the tattoo and use it as a tool in your life. 

“Today marks the day I return home to myself. That I begin the long journey that will be learning to trust in my own power again. To engage life, be light, and stand confidently in my own skin. And when I arrive, I will move gently through each dark, narrow room. And proudly draw back the curtains.” 





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