These M'sian Beauty Brands Are Definitely Worth A Spot In Your Vanity & They’re REAL BEAUTY Approved!



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These M'sian Beauty Brands Are Definitely Worth A Spot In Your Vanity & They’re REAL BEAUTY Approved!

By Pineapplesz

REAL BEAUTY is an AEON stamp of approval for brands related to all-things beauty from skin, body and hair care to cosmetics and fragrance. REAL BEAUTY represents the selection of the industry's subject matter experts and most importantly, the voices of the customers what customers really want.  


REAL BEAUTY is a documentary program that will feature eight homegrown Malaysian beauty brands and its founders as they are given opportunities to engage with the customers and beauty experts in pursuit of the validation of REAL BEAUTY.

Low Ngai Yuen, Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer of AEON Malaysia said, "The beauty brands are given difficult challenges for them to try to express their brands better. They were put through a fast-track program that allows them to very quickly try the different things that big brands have tried. AEON provided the REAL BEAUTY platform so that they can learn from the whole experience."

The eight homegrown Malaysian brands include:

1) Alluskin founded by Dr Nurul Ain Sa'ari

2) Alnefre by Rana Cosmetics founded by Rana

3) Claire Organics founded by Louise Chu

4) Null Factory | Hillton founded by Roger Beh

5) IL Fragrance founded by Tang Han Tiong


6) Reneuf founded by Nicholas Hys

7) Sugarbelle founded by Sheila Samsudin

8) Zagara founded by Jasmel Singh


The program will be released on AEON's official YouTube channel starting tomorrow, 24th August 2022. So, make sure to stay tuned!

The search is hosted by prominent entrepreneur-celebrity, Nana Mahazan, who founded and joining her to support the participating brands as beauty and business coaches are Sunshine Kelly, a renowned beauty Blogger and influencer, as well as Nana Ghazali, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder/Editor of  

All eight participating brands will be given ten (10) intensive outreach challenges in order to take their brands to the next level. "We definitely hope that through REAL BEAUTY, serious brands are given the chance to build a new track record to realise their brands maximum potential. Additionally, REAL BEAUTY will also be the answer to support brands with possible investment and financial support," continues Low Ngai Yuen.  

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