#Readinglist: We're Always Celebrating Pride! Here Are 14 Of The Cutest LGBTQ Books



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#Readinglist: We're Always Celebrating Pride! Here Are 14 Of The Cutest LGBTQ Books

By ellephant

June was pride month, and in the spirit of celebrating love, we found some pretty cool LGBTQ books you could read to keep yourself entertained.

A reading list? Yes please!

Counting down to most highly rated, check this list out down below. 

#10 Girls Like Girls


Author: Hayley Kiyoko

Published: 2023

About: A 17yo girl who has just lost her mother, moves to rural Oregon where she meets Sonya. 

#9 Quietly Hostile: Essays


Author: Samantha Irby

Published: 2023

About: The success of Irby's career has taken her to great heights. But behind all the glam, she's really just trying to keep her life together.

#8 The Celebrants


Author: Steven Rowley

Published: 2023

About: A bunch of college friends reunite again after 28 years to uphold their pacts of reminding each other why life is worth living. But, when they meet, more than one holds a deep secret. 

#7 With Teeth


Author: Kristen Arnett

Published: 2021

About: The story of two mothers handling one difficult son and the pressures of growth in a queer-family. 

#6 Cool For The Summer


Author: Dahlia Adler

Published: 2021

About: Lara may have everything; a tight group of friends, the boy of her dreams liking her back, and yet, all she can think about is Jasmine, that one girl  she spent the perfect summer with. Then, Jasmine quite literally walks through the doors of her school. 

#5 When Katie Met Cassidy


Author: Camille Perri

Published: 2018

About: Katie is a perfect lawyer, engaged to an art curator, but suddenly her whole world falls apart till she agrees to have a drink with a sexually promiscuous woman she meets at work. 

#4 Honey Girl


Author: Morgan Rogers

Published: 2021

About: 28-year-old Grace Porter has a PhD in Astronomy, but after a girls trip to Vegas, she wakes up with a doctorate and apparently a wife she barely knows anything about. 

#3 The Guncle


Author: Steven Rowley

Published: 2021

About: He's a gay fun uncle, or Guncle for short. But when his sister-in-law dies and his brother has a health crisis on his hands, taking care of his niece and nephew becomes role #1. Suddenly, life cannot be solved by just treats and jokes. 

#2 Heartstopper


Author: Alice Oseman

Published: 2018

About: Charlie is an openly gay nerd and Nick is a soft-hearted rugby player. When the two become friends and something more starts to bloom, will they be able to handle all the high school hurdles which come their way?

#1 Red, White & Royal Blue 


Author: Casey McQuiston

Published: 2019

About: When photos of a Prince and the first son is released to tabloids, the two must stage a fake friendship for the sake of two nations. But, what happens when a fake friendship transform into a very real, secret relationship?

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