Selangor Mufti Forbids HIV Medicine To be Given To Same Sex Couples, Receives Uproar



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Selangor Mufti Forbids HIV Medicine To be Given To Same Sex Couples, Receives Uproar

2 Weeks ago

Ministry of Health had announced last year that Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), an oral medication used to avoid contracting HIV through intercourse or drug use via injection, will soon be made freely available at a number of public health clinics in states with a high HIV incidence. 

PrEP is a treatment that lowers your risk of contracting HIV through intercourse or drug injection. PrEP is a highly successful HIV prevention tool when used as directed.  

In accordance to this matter, Selangor Mufti Department has recently declared a statement forbidding medical practitioners from providing such medicine to same-sex couples as "it is considered complicity in matters of sin and disobedience."  

It appears that according to their statement, the Selangor Mufti department is advising health professionals to restrict certain medical resources to a certain demographic. In a tweet posted online, one user was applauding the effort, and urges Muftis from other states to follow suit. Other users have since expressed their opinions on the matter. 

According to the responses, many people appear to disagree with the Selangor Mufti's strategy of preventing specific life-saving medications from reaching a specific population. Some have noted that the efficacy of HIV prevention depends on making medical services like PrEP accessible to everyone.

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